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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Discussion Thread



HOLY S*IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 145 72.14%
NO, NO!!! ITS NOT TRUE, P... 10 4.98%
YES, YES!!!!!!!! 45 22.39%
sundin13 said:
XBO suddenly got a lot more tempting...

Seriously.  What a fucking megaton!

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Wow... I have to admit... that was completely unexpected. Microsoft is seriously pulling away as the clear winner! All the more reason I should buy an Xbox One now!

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That's amazing.

I finally can play Destiny 360 on Xbone.

Serious it is a cool feature to make 360's owners migrate to Xbone... it is a really great option to counter attack the movement 360 -> PS4.

Yup, I think at this point it's safe to say the One has the better overall purchase value. Most multiplatform games look near identical, and this opens up a huge library of games to 360 owners. Well done Microsoft.

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daaaamn shots fired

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That is fantastic news, honestly. Nintendo and Sony are gonna have a rough time outdoing MS now.

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Areym said:
That is fantastic news, honestly. Nintendo and Sony are gonna have a rough time outdoing MS now.

I hope it forces Sony to work on PS4 backwards compatibility eventually. I would buy a PS4 much sooner then. 

zumnupy10 said:
enlightenedmaster said:
now Sony should do the same and i will love this generation

As much as I would love it.  I doubt they will.

i know

they have PS Now,they could strenghthen that much more and add games and streaming is future of gaming

but it probably won't even be a big deal as people are so caught up plsying todays game that they might not want old game


as for me,i love backward compatibility and i think it is a necessity and think companies are stupid and greedy to remove

Wonder if it will cut down the amount of remasters.


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