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HOLY S*IT!!!!!!!!!!!! 145 72.14%
NO, NO!!! ITS NOT TRUE, P... 10 4.98%
YES, YES!!!!!!!! 45 22.39%

This makes me want an xbox one more hahah. I'll be getting one by August right now. I'll be so happy to be able to play tales of vesperia again

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sc94597 said:
Areym said:
That is fantastic news, honestly. Nintendo and Sony are gonna have a rough time outdoing MS now.

I hope it forces Sony to work on PS4 backwards compatibility eventually. I would buy a PS4 much sooner then.

Same, but the profits that'd cut out of PS Now means it will never happen.

Ubisoft just said you get Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 for free with Rainbow Six Siege... more stuff like this please..


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Can you buy digital 360 games on the XB1 marketplace?

Either way, yes this a huge coup by MS. I might get an XB1.

the_dengle said:
Oh? Is backwards compatibility a good thing now? I was informed it's a relic of a bygone era, completely unnecessary in this day and age.

Well anyway, hello Microsoft welcome to 2012.

No, I've wanted it since day 1, and alot of others have as well. Also going through the press conference, they announced games like the previous Tom Clancy games will be B/C, and so will Fallout 3. No news on BO3, though I really dont care for it.

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Checkmate Sony xD

DakonBlackblade said:
Seriously, beeing able to play old games wins E3 ? Its nice and all but PS3 was backwards compatible (initialy) and it did squat for the console.

This. If this is what wins E3 in someone's eyes, they either had low expectations or are biased. Like you said, really nice feature, but not MEGATONZ!! worthy.

Its a nice feature but I wish they had it when the console launched, not nearly 2 years later.


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MoHasanie said:
Its a nice feature but I wish they had it when the console launched, not nearly 2 years later.

Better late than never ;).

Microsoft won e3 because people can now play 360 games on it? What? That's amazing and it's free but I, PERSONALLY don't find it too big a deal. I would want new games to play on my console and not games from last gen that doesn't even get visual upgrades.