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"If it's purely the end-of-day retail discs you stick into your console or the rise/change of political correctness on topics such as violence, representations of race and ethnicity, and those things called....women(?)this stuff is worthless compared to my love for video games.

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Tachikoma said:
8-9 years have passed, whats changed is you.


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i hvent played a game in months so clearly the new gen is lacking interesting enogh game for me to switch on a console.



Hiku said:

In terms of games, worse. If we go back to around 2000 then a lot worse.
(Why did you specifically pick the two years 2006-2008?)

In terms of technology, mostly an improvement. Harddrives, better online, share play, sleep mode, etc.

Hard drives an improvement in technology?  Magnetic track recording invented in the 1950s is "better technology" ? ROFL.

I don't have a single magnetic track recording device in my home.  I prefer access times of NOW rather than 15 minutes from now.

Far, far, FAR worse.

Companies now focus of mobile games and microtransations/DLC for quick cash, and yearly releases for easy money which stagnates the market.

Most games are way too easy and are all flash and no substance.

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It's about as good. Decline in some areas have been made up for in the growth of others. Overall, I have just as much fun nowadays as I did back in 2006-2008.

I don't think it got worse. It's just that PS1 and PS2 era had Squaresoft (and then SE) at its best.

Too early to say. I'll just comment in a thread with a similar topic towards the end of this gen.

Worse. Less new IP's more Sequels. more yearly games more Micro transactions plus the likes of Hudson,Midway,THQ,SEGA,Konami all left or went out of business. Capcom has gone to hell. Square can't make a decent RPG to save their life. DLC is often treated terrible. Only 1 console of the 3 is truly different. 2 of them are basically the same. What made 16 bit era the best ever was the diversity between SNES,Genesis and TG16.

Indies and Nintendo and Atlus and Xseed and a few others keep me from leaving modern gaming.

kljesta64 said:

instead of perfecting the gameplay mechanics from last gen and make everything more smooth and responsive they just boosted resolution and textures.

That was the problem with 7th gen. Framerates especially took a hammering as a bigger western audience cared more about polygons and lighting. RIP 60fps target :(


Personally I think things are improving again. Nintendo is back to making my style of videogames, indie has helped ressurect what were long lost genres (platformers) and okay the visuals aren't stunning, but there is a lot more 60fps stuff than there used to be.


Granted there has been a bit too much entitlement on the "audience" side but hey ho, it seems to be dying down again now.

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