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Republic huh? :/

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wooo xboxx

Alright I'm going to post my upcoming Xbox games Meta Predictions early.

Forza 5 Meta 90
Halo 5 Meta 92
Tomb Raider Meta 86-88
Fable Legends Meta 75
Quantum Break Meta 92
Scalebound Meta 90

Empires are way cooler than any Republic

Angelus said:
Empires are way cooler than any Republic

Rome, Gestahl, Star Wars, Jay's...

They may be cooler, but they always fall.

Republics have also proven they can last for more than 25 thousand years.

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I thought Slade was taking over? Either way great thread, looking forward to seeing what you guys do.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

As you can see I have some high hopes for this lineup, I won't Predict scores for Gears Anniversary until more info and gameplay vids are shown and same goes for Crackdown and Phantom Dust because we dont know the scale of the games(by that I mean whether they are AAA games) and also because we don't know who is developing these games.

Barozi said:
Republic huh? :/

From "Empire" to "Republic". I see a clue. May the force be with you.

Tag so I can bitch later.

Remedy just tweeted this:

Get your Remedy game face on. Coming soon

Good luck with the new thread guys. Maybe you'll expand in the future and become an empire again one day