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why not Xbox Republic? Rox sounds like a whore name XD

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shikamaru317 said:
Conegamer said:
I thought Slade was taking over? Either way great thread, looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

Slade decided he didn't want to do it anymore yesterday, so he passed the mantle of power to me.

Makes sense. You're also an excellent choice so no doubt this thread and its legacy is in safe hands


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Nice thread Shika, I look forward to posting.

New Thread!!
Hopefully xcom 2 comes to the bone. Loved the original on the 360.


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Its probably more of a PC release then console port in 6 months than skipping them completely.

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shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, I'm not sure what 2K/Firaxis was thinking making XCOM 2 PC only at release. More than half of Enemy Unknown's sales were on 360 and PS3 if I'm not mistaken, that's alot of sales they're passing on. Hopefully they'll port it to consoles within a year of the PC release.

that's kinda what happened with GTA V, I'd imagine they'll release the ports a few months down the line and honestly It's a bit refreshing to see PC being first instead of later or years as an afterthought considering the size of that platform's userbase and revenue.

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Hopefully we can get some of the other console members to come in and drop the bitterness towards other consoles and not do the sly digs and shit. Everyone plays games because it's what we love to do. Regardless of scores or sales stats we each mostly like what we have and don't want/have to be shamed or looked down upon.

Awesome thread dude! Cool new name!


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Wow, just noted this!!!
Congrats shika!

R.I.P Jay.