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Metroid not being announced.

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I hope that games I'm looking forward to seeing for the first time don't turn out looking like shit, Horizon and Level 5s PS4 game come to mind.

I don't want to see COD at Sony's E3. I also don't want to see a lot of time wasted on games that don't have a definite release date.

KdxlavkdX said:
I don't want to see COD at Sony's E3. I also don't want to see a lot of time wasted on games that don't have a definite release date.

I'm not even sure how much shorter E3 would be if companies didn't do that. :D

No premature game reveals. I don't want to see some sick as fuck game announced that won't be in my hands for three years.

Also, I don't want to see the last guardian being forgotten.

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What would be nice would be if we just got games shown. Not CGI trailers, not TV partnerships, not a special guest dancer/actor/whatever, not #girlwood (seriously, ugh), just games. E3 has been trending in the right direction as of late with this so hopefully that will be more of the same this year.

After all, everyone might have their own preferences or allegiances, but we're all gamers and at the end of the day the games are what count.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I don't want to see Nintendo spend half of their Direct/Treehouse focusing on Mario Maker and we already know more than enough about. I also don't want to see them focus on Smash or Mario Kart DLC at E3. I want all of those things, but they aren't exciting enough to warrant E3 coverage. Save them for a Direct in July or August.

I also don't want to see any more of that Project Giant Robot or Project Guard garbage.

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N CGI trailers or games trying to be movies or anything Quantic Dream. Yeah I know I better drown myself because all of that will happen.

I hope that Ubisoft won't give us another lame excuse for not showing Beyond Good and Evil 2 and will at least release a screenshot of it. 100% sure they will show nothing though.