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I don't want to sit through a Call of Duty demo at either Sony/MS conferences.

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1. MS showing an exclusively bought Japanese game, especially a highly anticipated one or from a well loved series. It doesn't end well for anyone, including MS since their systems hardly sell in Japan and people that prefer Japanese games everywhere else aren't all particularly fond of Xbox systems; that and gamers that prefer Xbox systems generally don't buy Japanese games. It's a lose-lose for everyone and it's what I always fear most at every E3.
2. Too much PR talk about how well everyone's systems sold.
3. Too much showcasing of the annual series that release every year: Madden, COD, AC, FIFA and so on.

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Don't want to see:

  • Remasters
  • Remakes
  • Ports
  • Really super early CGI trailers or gameplay footage (looking at Witcher 3/WD)
  • Moneyhats
  • VR
  • Gimmicks
  • Redesigns (console/gamepad)
  • Delays
  • Broken promises

Pretty much just want it to be all about games coming out this year and next and for the games to have all platforms listed, getting tired of eharing bs marketing PR of games that claim to be exclusive to a platform and then I have to search somewhere on the net to find it's also on PC, this gen is incredibly deceiving for that.


New Nintendo console.

Square Enix telling us to be exciting for insignificant things.

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I dont want people cheering about everything that gets shown at the sony conference.
"Look a new game about a magical book, and you can even move mickey mouses hears with the control stick" and the people be like : yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!