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What do you think of Sony now

Greatness will await the entire gen 56 22.95%
Sony thy have betrayed us 60 24.59%
MS is keeps looking better and better 36 14.75%
Sony is love Sony is life you traitor 54 22.13%
38 15.57%

Marketing deals with cod, battlefront, MHD, batman, assassins creed and a price drop and people are scared Sony will lose the holiday in the us? Lmao, ms should be the one that is scared.

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The question in the thread title is ridiculously stupid and clearly just clickbait so I won't bother answering that, but Sony will have a lot to show at E3.

Just look at how many development studios they have. GoW4 might be shown. Kill Strain, and hopefully a completely re-worked Drawn to Death will be shown. Media Molecule, Guerrilla, Bend, and London should all have their games shown. Even though people are going bananas over the PS4, they still need SOMETHING to go against Halo 5, and GoW4 might be it. A price cut wont be announced until after the release of MGS5

I don't care about Sony "winning the holiday" (MS will give away their damn system to "win" it, who cares), I would like games to have realistic launch windows attached to them day one instead of an investor-pleasing optimistic projection. Will it be ready earlier than expected, push it up. (I know R&C got ****ed by its movie beind delayed, that's unavoidable.)

And any surprise holiday 2015 announcements will be faced with skepticism by me, as last time LBP3 was obviously rushed to market the same way Unity was (but with far less backlash).

I want to a JRPG, not called Final Fantasy, on stage. That is it.