Forums - Sales Discussion - day 45 and still no sign of sales

why no sales?

is he not well? 9 4.71%
family crisis? 10 5.24%
holiday/ vacation 8 4.19%
No longer cares 76 39.79%
hates the fact Ps4 is winning 88 46.07%
bananaking21 said:
ioi doesnt give a fuck. thats whats happening.

Pretty much this, its really the only logical conclusion when you consider the history of the site.


It al went downhil after VGC 3.0 launched

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I'm sure we would have numbers if the Xbox were 2:1 in lead ^,^

Well, the only way we can really show our disappointment, is by stop using the site.

We should all find a date, and on that date we stop using the site. Maybe if he sees that the visitor count drop 50% - 75% he will listen?

Hope really to see the chart numbers soon, as without it's a little boring

Didn't you see the thread from high up explaining the situation?

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beeje13 said:
Didn't you see the thread from high up explaining the situation?

No, what they have said?

Yeah Its starting to become a joke...

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Just fuck off. One thread about this every day :@

I enjoy the forums so that's why I keep coming back but as for the weekly sales it sorta bothers me since I want to see the sales of certain games.

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Maybe by 2016 it will be sorted out.