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JRPGfan said:

The creator of Dragon Ball manga, only made dragon ball & dragon ball Z.
Thats why GT is so bad... its not based on manga or made by the same guy that made the others.

I think this new Dragon ball, is probably going to end up bad.
What made DB & DBZ so great was the mangaka that made them.

Actually I liked GT!

And supossedly Akira Toriyama is going to write the story so if what you say it's true then we have nothing to worry about.

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haxxiy said:
I knew it would happen since I found out about Battle of the Gods.

First Star Wars, now Dragon Bal... and I'm pretty sure Rowling will come around with more Harry Potter eventually.

That would be so awesome!

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DerNebel said:
I sure hope they keep DBZs pacing, I need another 20 episode villain battle ala Frieza :D

20 episodes of epic goodness

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That's exciting, hope the power level scouter makes a return. Personally i think DBZ should have stopped after Cell, Buu saga was terrible for the most part. But from what i know Akira Toriyama stopped after the Cell saga, so i have good hopes for this.

Yayy!!!! This is going to be epic


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Well it's about time! I am stoked for this show already!!! It needs to come state side. But what channel will it air on? Teen Nick or Cartoon Network? I say Teen Nick.

Is it coming over here too?

If there's any "drawing out" the fights or loads of filler episodes, I won't bother with it.

how many episodes ?

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