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fleischr said:
AZWification said:

Imagine if Platinum would troll everyone by announcing that Bayo is bald in the next game!

She may not have magic powers -- but she would be nekkid

I would be perfectly OK with that!

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If it looks nice, I'll take it.

But I guess with first being very long, then quite short, I think they will go with a medium-length hairstyle.

Bayonetta 3 will be a day 1 buy again, and worth me buying a console for (like last year). I'd LOVE this franchise to keep on expanding, growing, and getting ever more better and more popular.

It's Bayonetta's destiny. It's her time. Oh, and she should be in Smash later too. Fly her to the moon!

I liked her hair in both games. The only thing I'd change is the long sleeves on the second game. I thought that was a bit much but it does explain where her hair went. Jeanne had better hair in Bayo 2 though. I mean she rocked it.

I actually like Bayo 1 hair better, but 2 isn't bad. I vote for the side ponytail in 3

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Twintails go!


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Had a quick thought, a Splatoon-themed option!

Captain_Yuri said:
Twintails go!

The one and only answer.

Reverse mohawk.


The cut with a weed wacker style is really getting popular these days.