Forums - Sony Discussion - New PS4 Exclusive Teased by Square Enix; Reveal Coming on the 31st


I just hope it releases this decade


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Could be one of the games Verendus was talking about on GAF. That said, this is SE we're talking about, so I'm going to hold extremely low expectations.

There is a Square Enix conference? Hope for some SaGa footage! :)

Hmm, all these square-enix thing made me remember that classic game Radiata Stories, too bad my copy got badly scratched, time to try out on an emulator :D


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Cool, but this cant be a big AAA game, it makes no sense (marketing wise) to just randomly announce a game like that in a random date like the 31 of january, thats why we have events like E3, TGS, Gamescom etc

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Probably something small.
Didn't they just built a studio to do small rpg projects? I remember reading it.
Well, small or not a JRPG is always good, I'm hyped!

Mid-Tier is being thrown around but isnt Persona, Disgaea, and Tales of all mid-tier as well? All excellent games too so lets hope this is as well

Wouldn't be surprised for it to be a Japanese exclusive :(

Ssliasil said:
Two of those pictures have Crystals in them...which usually signifies a Final Fantasy Game...perhaps Crystal Chronicles?

What's that gif from in your sig?

i bet its zelda.

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Being a SE announcement, I'll keep my expectations low.