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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners, what region do you live in?

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NTSC 128 37.87%
PAL 203 60.06%
Japan 7 2.07%
curl-6 said:
wangjingwanjia said:
Neither one. China. Thanks for giving me an option. :(

Going with JP since it's the closest alternative, although I own an NTSC(US) Wii U.

Apologies for the oversight, it didn't occur to me cos Wii U hasn't released there. But in terms of movies and other region locked stuff, is China NTSC-J?

No problem. :) As you said it's not even released here, nor HK, or Taiwan I believe. Perhaps only in Japan here in Asian, which is kind of sad in itself.

Nah, we followed the Europeans to use PAL. :)

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PAL - Portugal

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TomaTito said:

PAL, Europe.

Maybe I should've been more specific.

Residence: PAL, Netherlands.
WiiU Region: PAL, Spain.

Hence the "PAL, Europe". We are one big country, sometimes.

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U.K/Pal and i was playing mario kart all last night against Americans, tearing them a new ass :)

Region 1

PAL in all its 50 Hz glory. Meaning I dont care for 60 FPS....

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