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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Home Console For Each Generation

Wii U


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Gen 4 snes Gen 5 n64 Gen 6 GameCube (but I also played a lot of ps2) Gen 7 360 Gen 8 Xbox one So far. Might be wii u by end of Gen but I don't think it will be ps4

Ltd predictions by the time 9th Gen comes out


Xbox one :75 million( was 65) 

Wii u: 20 milliion

Gen 4: Genesis
Gen 5: N64
Gen 6: PS2
Gen 7: Xbox 360
Gen 8: Too early to call, only own PS4

Xbox 360
Wii U

Sega Master system. (played a bit of nes, but nothing especial)
Nintendo Super Nes. ( hands down)
Sony PS1. (hands down)
Sony PS2. (hands down)
Sony PS3. (Microsoft xbox 360 almost did it...)

Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

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Gen 8: Wii U (So far --owned em all)
Gen 7: Xbox 360 (owned em all)
Gen 6: PS2 (Owned PS2, Dreamcast, and Gamecube)
Gen 5: PS1 (Owned PS1 and N64)
Gen 4: Super NES (Only owned SNES)
Gen 3: NES (Only owned NES)
Gen 2: Atari ??? (Didn't own any)
Gen 1: Too young to play games

Twitter: @d21lewis

Gen 3: Sega Master System
Gen 4: SNES
Gen 5: N64
Gen 6: Dead Tie between the Gamecube and Dreamcast (Love them both to death). Gameboy Advance is not far behind either.
Gen 7: Dead Tie between Wii/PS3 (Even though my brain says the PS3 was the better console, my heart still belongs to Nintendo )
Gen 8: 3DS

Gen 4: SNES
Gen 5: PS1
Gen 6: PS2
Gen 7: PS3
Gen 8: PS4

Shocking, I know.

"Trick shot? The trick is NOT to get shot." - Lucian

Haven't played pre-gen 3 (at least not enough)
WIIU (so far)
This is without handhelds, correct?

Gen 3: Nes
Gen 4: SNES
Gen 5: PS 1
Gen 6: PS 2
Gen 7: PS 3
Gen 8: PS 4

Been gaming on the PC since around gen 6 as well.