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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Home Console For Each Generation

MohammadBadir said:

This is without handhelds, correct?

I included them... (I dun't give a EFFF)!

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Gen 5: PlayStation

Gen 6: PlayStation 2

Gen 7: Xbox 360

Gen 8: Wii U (There's time for this to change; Generation is young.)

Current gaming platforms - Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, New 3DS, PC

Gen 3 : Nes
Gen 4 : SNES
Gen 5 : 1-N64 2-Play 3-PC
Gen 6 : 1-PC 2-GC
Gen 7 : PC (no console for me this gen)
Gen 8 : 1-WiiU 2-PC

PS4 (and there is no chance this is changing, not with what Nintendo have been doing)

SNES and NES would be my other choices but I wasnt gaming back then

If it comes to games I would list all the Nintendo consoles, since I like those exclusives more even if they are fewer than what I can find elsewhere, on both Xbox and PS. So I will make two lists.

Gen 5 - N64 (the best games)
Gen 6 - GC (the best games)
Gen 7 - Wii (the best games)
Gen 8 - Wii U (the best games)

or (based on the hardware, features and games all-in-all)

Gen 5 - N64 (better hardware and games than the PS1)
Gen 6 - GC (better hardware and games than the PS2, but PS2 had more games that I liked than PS1)
Gen 7 - PS3 (much better hardware and features than the Wii and many great games)
Gen 8 - PS4 (much better hardware and features than the Wii U and many great games)

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Gen 1-3: Wasn't even alive yet!
Gen 4: Sega Genesis (aka Mega Drive)
Gen 5: Sega Saturn
Gen 6: Dreamcast
Gen 7: PS3
Gen 8: PS4

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Gen 3: NES
Gen 4: SNES
Gen 5: PS1
Gen 6: Xbox
Gen 7: PS3
Gen 8 (so far): PS4

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NES (Gen 3)
SNES (Gen 4)
N64 (Gen 5) though PSX is very close
Dreamcast (Gen 6)
XBox 360 (Gen 7)

Home Consoles

Gen 3: Nes
Gen 4: Snes
Gen 5: PS1
Gen 6: Gamecube
Gen 7: Xbox 360 (Maybe tied due to me playing the PS3 during the later stages of this gen)
Gen 8: TBA...

GEN 3: NES. My childhood.
GEN 4: SNES. I was a Genesis fanboy, but I accept I had more fun with SNES's superior game lineup.
GEN 5: PS1. But N64 was really close. My favorite game is OoT. PS1 had the quality quantity.
GEN 6: PS2. My favorite console of all.
GEN 7: None. Point when gaming starts going downhill for me.
GEN 8: Noner (so far). The generation that defines disappointment. So far the WiiU being the least disappointing.

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