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Mr.Playstation said:
South park: The stick of truth. It's an excellent game and for me it's the best single player game of this year.

The game is incrediable and they did a awesome job.

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Halo MCC
followed by Sunset overdrive.

Driveclub! Goty for graphics and sound.

Well... sadly... World of warcraft: warlords of draenor. It got me addicted in the game again.

I havent had time to play much of anything else since.

shin megami tensei 4

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Since the last two games I got were beginning of December, I would choose SM3DW over TTT2. But mostly because I played the former more than the latter.

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Smash Bros WiiU obviously... The game is simply too much fun!

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I got no games for the holidays. Though my cousin finally bought Diablo 3 for PS4 so I am replaying that. It's almost like a gift, really.

Just started playing the Last of Us Remastered over the weekend. Even though I played through the original Last of Us about 50 times I really wanted to try it out the new console. That and I'm also addicted to its multiplayer. The games graphics aren't a huge leap for 7th gen to 8th gen, but when I first jumped into a multiplayer match I was shocked at how crisp it looked.

PS: Love the new controllers for the PS4. Dualshock 4 is a very nice improvement.

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