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The holiday season has come and gone and I assume most of us gamers here got some fancy new consoles and games. Its been a few days now so we've had plenty of time to try out our new gifts. 

For me this season I got a sexy new PS4! I got the GTA V bunde so I got GTA V and the Last of US remastered with the console. I got Far Cry 4, Madden 15, and Killzone Shadowfall as other gifts. I also have a bunch of PS+ games that I have stored in my purchased list that I have yet to download becuase of  PSN currently being offline . 

So far my favorite game has been Far Cry 4. I haven't got very far yet, but from what I played it's great! I haven't played any Far Cry games before so this game reminds me a lot like the new Tomb Raider with larger open enviorments.

What's your favorite game you got this holiday?

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I would say Destiny but PSN has been down ever since I got it :p so Dragon Age: Inquisition and GTA V by far are my favorites so far. 

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Smash Bros 4!


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Minimum on PC, I bought it a few days ago and so far I'm having a blast with it, it replaces that hole that was left from when I stopped playing TF2 and it has a nice blocky minecraft look to it along with the ability to craft armour, weapons and devices and with the 3 different modes allows me to switch up the gameplay for me.


South park: The stick of truth. It's an excellent game and for me it's the best single player game of this year.

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The only game I've got a chance to play so far is Hyrule Warriors.  My favorite Warriors game by far.

Probably Forza Horizon 2, it plays so smooth and looks amazing. It's sad to see it do so poor.

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I guess the only one I got: SSBU! Already +30 hours in 6 days ^-^

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I've only played 3 of the 6 I got, but so far, Far Cry 4's my favourite.

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