Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite game you got this holiday?

Dragonage Inquisition hands down for me.

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Captain Toad

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

It's hard for me to say between Skyward Sword and SSBU. SS is so beautiful and endearing, but Smash is just addicting and fun to pick up and play in bursts. It's honestly a tie for me.

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So far: Fantasy Life for the 3DS.

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My favorite is probably Persona Q. I guess I need to play the other Persona games again now.

Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4 which I downloaded with some PSN wallet funds I received, but would have downloaded anyway. I can't believe I got to play it today, with the PSN being down I was scared. So far it's intriguing and beautiful. I made a female elf mage and can't wait to romance the fuck out of Sera.


its surprisingly awesome.

I got the same PS4 bundle for X-Mas, and that's pretty much the only video-game related thing I got for X-Mas. Haven't opened it yet though; want to clear a little bit of my PS3 backlog first.

Smash U or Wind Waker HD