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I though live could not be hacked my friend told me this


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coolguy said:
I though live could not be hacked my friend told me this

It's been down already in the past couple of weeks. Nothing is unhackable.

Guess people will now return all the BF X1's for PS4's?

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So basically when they fail, can they please go away forever?

only a few weeks left till microsofts doom,right gaiz!?

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Well lets see what happens. Anonymous is going after them, Hmmmm Fight! I think Anonymous would win this one.

coolguy said:
I though live could not be hacked my friend told me this

Shhh. MS doesn't want people to know.

Well lets see what happens. Anonymous is going after them, Hmmmm Fight! I think Anonymous would win this one.

I'm personally not buying into any of this. First, with the whole Anonymous thing. How does anyone know how much of Anonymous is really going after these people? Isn't someone part of Anonymous simply because they say they are? That means it could be one person, five, twenty, or hundreds of people. It could be no one. Anyone could put up a youtube video claiming that Anonymous is going after Lizard Squad. Second, what about Lizard Squad? How do we know they're even legitimate? You might have several different hacker groups going under the name Lizard Squad. Or you might have other groups that are carrying out these attacks and not saying anything only to have the peope who call themselves Lizard Squad take credit for it. That leads to another thing. The whole Christmas threat sounds bogus. It's Christmas day. A lot of people probably won't be able to log on anyway due to the high traffic of new Xbox customers. Yet, Lizard Squad might take the credit for that. If they really wanted to ruin everyone's day, wouldn't it make more sense to carry out an attack on Christmas Eve or even the day before that so everybody will know that they did it?

I guess my whole point is the internet is bullshit. This is why I could never be part of a hacktivist collective or a a group of dumbasses who like to pull illegal pranks. With the hacktivists, I don't know who I'm working with. I don't know if we're on the same level about everything. I don't know if we believe in the same things or just a vauge notion of a cause. I might find something morally appauling that they might be perfectly okay with. It just wouldn't work. With the pranksters, I'm not an asshole, so I could never do anything like that anyway. Finally, I have too much of a life outside the internet to be caught up in all this virtual drama.

In the end, I hope they catch whoever's responsible and they pay. I don't believe in jail time for these kinds of people. We have enough people in prison already and what little space is left really should be reserved for the murderers, pedophiles, and rapists. Instead, they should all be forced to pay a fine that's so steep that they would be paying it for decades. They should also be forced to perform community services for the next several years so that they really would be contributing something to society.

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What a bunch of dorks.
At least one of two good outcomes will happen. They will either fail miserably and perhaps be found and jailed or they may suceed a little then some vgdorks will stop complaining about how shit psn security is.
Also it's quite funny anonymous taking ms side when they were the ones fucking psn. Or they think they are the ones with right causes and others should obey?

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Barkley said:
Danman27 said:
I don't understand what they're trying to accomplish here.

They're doing it for the attention because they have terrible meaningless lives. I mean have you seen the twitter accounts of the lizard squad members. It looks like most of them are addicted to drugs and I doubt any of them will ever have a lasting meaningful relationship.

I mean, I'm not at all a fan of xbox, and if the servers were temporariily shut down, I'd laught little bit, to be honest, but these hacker groups are a bit ridiculous. They are very rarely productive, and usually only manage to poss people off. This thing that they're doing is stupid and childish, and I'm betting that it fails miserably.