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Forums - Sony Discussion - I got a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition!!

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I'm calling bull crap;)

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If true, I'm jealous.

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Congrats to anyone that got it, share some pics....

Until then....

Someone bought items from me before here, I can't remember who was it but he could confirm. :)

I would like won, but only if I was rich enough to have two consoles. Since I'm a collector, I only collect the launch models but, if I had the extra dough, I'd be all over this like a fat chick at a doughnut giveaway.

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I could have but I was stuck in the god damn no internet country! I'm so pissed I could be a thousandaire right now!

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Since you're selling it for profit, I can only be jealous of your money.

Soonerman said:

Be jealous. Also, I'm selling it for profit :D

Congrats! You just made like 200% profit on top of what you spent :)  Treat yourself to something good!

I just want the controller.

Damn, lucky. I hate Sony for not announcing the sale properly!

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