Forums - Politics Discussion - Despite early Hate, do you now believe that Obama's Presidency has been a success?

Has he made a difference after the abyssmal Dark ages of the Bush years?

Yes 95 30.74%
No 66 21.36%
Sort of 32 10.36%
no difference 17 5.50%
Worse and we are on the brink 65 21.04%
China please take over! 4 1.29%
Dubai please buy us once ... 4 1.29%
other post below 0 0.00%
See results 21 6.80%
I am a poop head and refu... 5 1.62%
generic-user-1 said:
Egann said:
I didn't like him at first, went through a brief period of not hating him, and don't like him now.

Obamacare is the classic example of "no safety net is better than a badly thought out safety net." The discussions made me rethink healthcare being a bad idea. That said, mandating everyone buy healthcare is a very, very bad idea. I have heard two people who liked it, and they were already shelling out close to $100,000 a year in healtcare costs (so go figure what their annual income is). A doctor I know did the math; for me to get coverage using an Obamacare plan (ANY of them) that anyone not in an upper income bracket would go bankrupt.

America had the worst healthcare of the western world 8 years ago, and it has even worse healthcare now.

dont you get medicare or aid or something like that if you dont have the money to get covered with a private plan?

Technically yes, except that a lot of the money to fund Obamacare was taken out of Medicare and Medicaid. The programs are very reluctant to take on new benefit-takers. The people who get this the worst are just barely above the very low income bracket, who don't get Medicaid, and who have to spend something absurd like 30% of their annual take-home pay on healthcare to see any benefits.

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Dulfite said:Who cares about my job situation when millions of babies are being murdered in a multi-billion dollar abortion industry that is bent on making as much money as possible by destroying life (often times in extremely disgusting ways). Who cares about my job when billions of dollars are spent on wasteful things like flying a fricking junk of metal to freaking mars just to do some tests? There are bigger things in the world than me and my specific struggles.

Hyperbole, much?  You make it sound like there's some evil dude living in a mansion gleefully lining up unsuspecting fetuses for profit.

It couldn't be less accurate.  

Plus, the abortion rate is at its lowest level ever, no thanks to protestors and the closing of clinics (women will have abortions anyway, just in dangerous and horrible conditions) but due to education, information and access to health care/contraception/the pill. 

The biggest thing that could decrease abortion rates is access to health care (like through the Affordable Care Act), educating young people, ensuring equal pay for women and minimum wages (most abortions tied to not being able to finanically care for child) and ensuring a woman's right to contraceptive access.  

The people that fight against abortion the hardest routinely fight against the things that would actually prevent abortions.  (See the end of my previous post.)


Can't we all just get along and play our games in peace?

What constitutes success?

Euphoria14 said:

Not sure what Obamacare does for everyone else, but all I know is that when I started at my job in 2008 I was paying $35/week for Family Medical coverage.

Now i'm paying $81/week.

What's crazy though is that plenty of people tell me: "That's actually a good rate these days".

hmmmm.I pay 34 dollars a month for excellent Walmart insurance.

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fastyxx said:
binary solo said:
He hasn't achieved much or anything of what he wanted to achieve, so from that perspective he was not a very successful President. But then it was a lesson that a President without a compliant Congress has little real power to achieve much. And his Democratic party in Congress is so scared really push a progressive agenda that there is almost no way any democratic President can hope to have a compliant congress even if the Democrats hold a majority in both houses, and even a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Ironically Republicans should probably see these last 8 years as a success. So while they have been opponents of the president they should consider that he's been successful for them by being unsuccessful for his own party/ideology.

Umm, ok.

Search for any list of 2008 campaign promises, and he accomplished 75% of them in the first two years.  Others he's gotten done in the meantime.  A good chunk of the ones he hasn't been able to accomplish deal with energy policy and renewables, where he's been completely blocked by GOP refusing to even discuss the issues, let alone create bills.

Unless the ACA goes completely belly up in the next deacde, history will treat Obma very well when the story is finally written and parsed.  To this point, the ACA has been a success - even Republicans in the plans overwhelmingly are positive about the changes. It's cost less (so far) than budgeted and rates of increase have slowed since before the implemntation. The only really negative health care news comes form the states that chose not to participate, mostly with GOP governors.  

There's always more he would have liked to do, which you could likely say for any president.  And something things turned out more susccessfully than others, as with any president.  

His approval ratings are still pretty good, despite the media portraying them as "in the tank."  He's at 42%.  Only Clinton and Reagan and Ford have been higher at this point in their terms since the 50s.  (And Kennedy was higher but for obvious reasons, he didn't make it to this long.)

And unlike previous presidents, a big piece of the unfavorable rating is that he's not being liberal enough - - so Dems that think he's too conservative/not doing enough but who would never vte for a GOP president.  If you factor them in, he's well over 50%.  The perception of his overall effectiveness and popularity is certainly tainted through the lns of a more effective GOP in terms of communication and controlling public messaging and by their road-blocking of agenda items which gives the appearance of his not doing much.

You have the conservative base screaming on the one hand about how unhelpfully and hugely he has changed the country for the worse, but on the other hand saying he's done nothing.  The logical impasse there is quite easy to see.  

Look at the exit poll results from the midterms.  The most popular issues that polled highest?  Legalization of pot, minimum wage increases, etc. passed with flying colors, but then GOP people voted for candidates most likely to block or reverse legislation thats upports the issues.  Look at Arkansas.  Passed minimum wage bill by large numbers, but then voted GOP across theboard, and candidates that ran on platforms against minimum wage.  There's more at play here than just the efficacy of Obama against long odds.  

If you think the ACA is getting what he wanted then you are sadly mistaken. The ACA is as good as he was able to get, but that's not saying her got what he wanted. And IMO the ACA is not good, and is an embarrassment to any true social progressive.

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I voted for him twice and imo more positives that negatives his positives are that he has helped with our image vs bush in the rest of the world, the economic recovery has more than exceeded everyone's expectations (gas, stock market, unemployment, minumum wage increases), and the first real health care reform in decades. He is on the other hand a mixed bag on military/foreign policy (bin laden/gaddafi/somali pirates taken out, but also continued alot of bush spying policies) and if your a member of or support the lgbt community he has done more than any president ever has or will to give them a voice in the whitehouse.

I think he's better than Bush, but party tensions are worse than ever and he is partly to blame for it. So some bad, some good.

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I'm not American and thus haven't had the same opportunity to follow what's going on out there, but judging by what I've heard, he's done decently. I don't think I've heard him do anything terrible, and he hasn't been that controversial. And the country is still doing relatively strong, so yeah, I suppose he's done his job well enough. In that sense, his presidency seems to have been a success. Of course if anything besides phenomenal is considered a failure, then his presidency has been a failure.

I believe he's made a beneficial difference, but I think his Presidency has also revealed how deeply racial prejudice is still ingrained in America and how certain factions that have large enough numbers to sway elections can be manipulated by things that shouldn't be allowed to play such a large role in an intelligent society at this point in human history i.e. religion or at least the Christian Fundamentalist version of it.

I think that if Obama had been a white man named Smith or Jones with basically the same ideas that the vocal Right Wingers would not have been able to influence America as they have over the last eight years and that many elections that Democrats lost during the past six years would have gone the other way, and I believe America would be even better for it.

You liberals are fuckin retarded..isis is not on the run for one genius..therprobably coming over the border like the mexicans do..our image is def not better..idk what world you live in..and you give credit to obama for the economy but blame bush for you being a jobless bitch..and obomacare..have you seen the $5000 deductible for that shit..not to mention our govt is making people buy something or you get fined..yea were so much better off with him

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