Forums - Gaming Discussion - Whats the one game that should be in everyones top10 list ?

good pick ?

yes 42 53.85%
no 19 24.36%
heres mine 17 21.79%

Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Silent Hill 2, hands down.

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Game_God said:


Final Fantasy VII

its the best game ever made. it even says so on the box.


No, it's not even the best FF game made. By Square, Chrono Trigger rules the galaxy, Xenogears & Seiken 2 & 3 have my preference too.

While FFVII was a great game, it marked for me the begining of corruption!


Cool story bro, but FF7 is the best game to me, and it is on my top 10 list. It has the sales, hype, spin offs, prequels, and movies to prove it.


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