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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 5th Annual Greatest Games Event! Join the Fun!

fory77 said:
I already know the winner.


You're the winner in my heart.

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That you would like to participate.

Thanks for fixing my name

badgenome said:
That you would like to participate.

Danganronpa requires it.


You're welcome!


How kind of you!

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i'll participate

I'll get in on this action.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Ka-pi96 said:
Yay, I remember watching this last year. I'm in! Will be much more enjoyable actually participating

I expect alot of Pokemon and Fifa from you . You better play Ratchet and Clank before we start so that it can be in your list! (Seriously though, you're hurting me, here I am, trying to expand a franchises fan-base, and you just ignore me :'-( *runs away crying, shouting into the dark "I'll get you one day, Ka-Pi, and that day you will feel my vengeance!"* )

I wanna be in this.

I hope to redeem myself XP