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I know it's not a home console, but for me, the PSP beats everything else by lightyears. Greatest homebrew of all time together with some unforgettable exclusive jewels.

If we're talking strictly home consoles: SNES. Because childhood memories. Young just cant argue with that. :P

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ethomaz said:

But I always think the best is the actual.

A console that doesn't have a GT game is ethomaz' favorite? O_O who saw that coming?

Kyuu said:

A console that doesn't have a GT game is ethomaz' favorite? O_O who saw that coming?

It will have GT

And SNES and N64 didn't have GT

PS2 easily and that's saying a lot.

dreamcast. sadly it didn't last very long. Miss the online days of phantasy online on the dremcast

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PlayStation 3

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Gamecube, and Dreamcast have been my favorites so far. The Wii U is building momentum with every stellar first-party release.

The SNES is probably the best console ever made. PS2 is a close second. Objectively, one of those should be my favorite. Anyone who was a part of the GCN's run with Smash Bros. Melee, Eternal Darkness, Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Resident Evil 4, etc. can tell you it was a magical time to be a gamer, and you were among the lucky few playing the best games on the planet. The Sega Dreamcast was very much the same, and now the Wii U seems to be stepping into the role.

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Its hard to choose. I'm stuck between SNES and PS1. I'd have to flip a coin and never look at it again.

PS2, no other console gave me such feeling of excitement when I bought it (but I guess that had more to do with the PS1 being awesome as well).

A combination of that and the PS2's massive library filled with masterpieces and hidden gems makes the PS2 the one and only.

Xbox 360, without a doubt.

Have owned Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, 360, PS3, Wii, and PS4.