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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Traded in Destiny, any one else ?

ethomaz said:

I was thinking a bit here... more like predicting based in two questions:

1. Which % of guys will trade Destiny?

2. Which % of guys that traded Destiny will buy it again in the future?

Yeap the 1 will happen (happen with all the games) but the 2 question is a interesting one... it is not a fixed game so it will get better and better... now much guys will be buying it again? And yes the 2 happens too (see Diablo III case).

PS. Anybody expecting a new game or Destiny in the near future is setting again for disappointment... Destony will be there for some years yet.

But their will one with expansions included and possible a lot fixed..

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I keep reading that so and so will be added with updates.

So I'm not shocked you traded it in. I'm a big single player guy so I understand your point, and I have never enjoyed levelling up and up except for in actual RPG's.......but that was a passive thing that just happened as I played the story!

I think you did great choice.


One week in and bored out of my brain I traded it for Fifa 15 which has more of a story and isn't as repetitive.



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BeElite said:

Any one else.

Had great hopes with the game, but its was part awesome part just crap.  I didnt even know i was playing the final boss untill it ended and no new missions appeared on the map.  Honestly the biggest let down in my gaming life.  

Social my ass, ran some team things and didnt even have an option to talk to the people.  Grind got so boring at lv22 with nothing driving me to play more, i just needed some substance motivating it.

So i gamestoped this mofo, got Mordor best gamign dec i made in a while.  

Didn't you hear? Less social is better. Mindlessly flooding out invites is better than actually being able to speak or text for what you're looking for.

Also, no, I bought digital. Still not my worst digital purchase, that goes to Watch Dogs or Sniper Elite III.

The grind blows, but they realized their loot system was broken so they gave us the Queens stuff and now cheap Iron Banner content but too late for you. I have heard great things about Mordor.

GamechaserBE said:

But their will one with expansions included and possible a lot fixed..

I believe it will be always complete retail edition being sold like Diablo III... you have the Diablo, Diablo 2.0, Diablo 2.1, etc... you can always choose just to upgrade your Diablo III original or the new addopter buy a new Diablo 2.1 complete.

That is how it works.

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I have it digital so I can't trade it in, but I have no interest in the expansion packs. I'll probs come back after the level cap has (hopefully) increased so I can take a stab at beating the raid without anyone dieing for a trophy.

Speaking of, I have yet to try the raid because I can't get 5 friends together (actually no one I know has tried the raid). For a game with such sparse content it's very annoying that they wall off some of it behind a party system

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Yeah putting mine up on Ebay soon. Just not my style and I'm ADD when it comes to games so this really isn't something I'm going to back to and romp through the story. Those are the kind of games I keep other than fun local co-op ones. Great game for loot gamers though I just thought it would be more cinematic storytelling along with the MMO stuff.

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WoW trading in the game without even really playing it. bet ya never even got through the Vault of Glass.

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Nicklesbe said:
WoW trading in the game without even really playing it. bet ya never even got through the Vault of Glass.

awesome lets sink 50 hours in to a pathetic grind so maybe i get access to an hour or two of potential quality.

I appreciate all those that are trading it in. The lower the cost the better when i go to get it next year.

It is near the end of the end....