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Most FPSs are bad, most devs are clueless?

Yes, they are really bad. 93 75.61%
No, they are amazing. 29 23.58%

I personally am more fond of Japanese style game development. Western style makes me vomit. It's just a hand positioned to the right side of the screen shooting stuff. I mean, how fun is that? I have to play games that make me think, tell a well crafted story, or is just plain fun. Nintendo revived the gaming market by itself for a reason. Now, people are just obsessed with gun power. I actually plan on making a game company and the games probably won't be released here at all. Ya know, since traditional JRPGS(with the rare event of pokemon) aren't that hot here anymore.

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The FPS genre hit a wall more than 10 years ago(with minor game changer of RPG elements) in what you can do with the genre. All you can do now is tell stories and upgrade graphics.

Getting an XBOX One for me is like being in a bad relationship but staying together because we have kids. XBone we have 20000+ achievement points, 2+ years of XBL Gold and 20000+ MS points. I think its best we stay together if only for the MS points.

Nintendo Treehouse is what happens when a publisher is confident and proud of its games and doesn't need to show CGI lies for five minutes.

-Jim Sterling

there are something like metroid prime?
Is the only first person game I find a masterpiece.

I liked FPS games in late 90s when they were exploration and adventure games at their core - Unreal, Half-Life, Thief - and then this genre reached its peak in 2000 with Deus Ex.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

I know for sure my grandkids who are 8 yeas are playing these ( COD) kind of online game.

Dont kill the messenger

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WagnerPaiva said:

Most FPSs are bad, most devs are clueless.

So I was trying to play Metro 2033 and Crysis 3 a while ago. bottom line: these games are not good. 

Metro 2033: I could not stand 30 minutes of it on PS3. and it have nothing to do with the console, the game just isn´t good or fun. Same with Crysis 3.
Many Fps developers lost their touch to game design, simple concepts like: learning curve, grabbing the gamer atention, FUN, and things like that are simply alien to them.

It is all about shoving things in a package to these clueless devs, if these things are fun or inspired never is a issue to them. It is about hours, but does not matter if these are hours of fun or hours of boredoom, it is just "hours of gameplay'.

The main problem is history. more and more they hire writers that have no idea how to create a video game narrative, and those douchebags think they are BETTER than a real video game writer.

They should learn about games before vomiting their idiotic novelas into the project. Video game narrative should be total subservient to the game itself, to the mechanics, to the spirit of the game.

Like in MGS4, crazy as it is, the history is all about going around the game and pumping it up, which is great.

Or, to say nice things about a western dev, FALLOUT 3, the narrative is all about grabbing you in with grace and gentleness, not stupid fast pace explosions and muscle action, like in crysis 3 and many other FPSs...

However, in the Bro FPS world this is not a topic of consideration at all, it is all about shoving things into multiplayer so screaming teenagers with ADD can get hooked into the game for 1 or 2 months.

So, this is te problem with so called AAA games and the virtue of indie games: purpose and intention. That is why Hideo Kojima is a genious in our eyes, because he knows a game is suppose to be fun, to grab us and keep us in. 

It is time to the big FPS devs to wake up.

Or not, who cares? People will keep buying those bad games anyways. =/

By the way, 

Could I make better and more fun games?

No I could not.

I also can not play violin, but I can notice when a violin player gets a note wrong. 

I also can not cook a duck, but I can sense when a duck is cooked wrong.

I also can not pilot a plane. But I can realize when it crashes.

It was the same deal with platform games were all the rage. Anytime a fad or trend hits, there is going to be a bunch of crappy games trying to cash in on the whole thing. 

I enjoy the FPS genre but I do feel like it's degrading as a whole... whatever you reward you get more of --and gamers are rewarding uninspiring games and their devs/publishers

Different tastes.

Metro 2033: Sneaking through the dark tunnels, great atmosphere.
Resistance 3: Great campaign with a good build up, nicely inspired by HL2.
Dishonered: Very enjoyable, nice world.
Far cry 3: Very good but shot most of its load in the first half, the 2nd island felt like padding.
KZ: SF: Enjoyed the variety in scenery and awesome sound design.
Wolfenstein the new order: Fun game play, felt like walking through a comic book.
I have not played Crysis 3, doesn't interest me, neither do CoD and Battlefield.

Fallout 3 was great too, had a lot of boring filler as well through.
MGS4, good but some of those conversations just went on and on and on and on and on

Modern FPS aren't that bad. They're not gems like HL2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but there is still plenty to enjoy.

History /= Story

Teeqoz said:
In that case 40% of all gamers have bad taste. You think you could make better and more fun games?

I agree with this.  I'm not in the group that has bad taste.