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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most FPSs are bad, most devs are clueless.

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Most FPSs are bad, most devs are clueless?

Yes, they are really bad. 93 75.61%
No, they are amazing. 29 23.58%

This applies to a lot of game genres Sports, RPGs, TPS, etc. Besides the enhanced visuals, change in settings, additional modes/character/weapon: games rarely change and you end up buying/playing the same experience over and over.

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ninjaman003 said:

I mean financially successful. No mediocre games can make it to the top because good games are in the way. Do FPSs even have different mechanics. You can't say that the entire genre has good mechanics and then say that's the reason individual games are good.

There are no modern FPS that plays the same. Halo, Titanfall, Battlefield and COD play different.

The only thing they have in common is the camera view.

I find most shooters are becoming linear with over the top action in large scale set pieces. And I find the shooting mechanic getting really dull. Simply point and click to kill.

There are still some good shooters like I really enjoyed Deus Ex Human Revolution, I guess because it felt like a shooter from the 90s.

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Metro last light was definitely a fun game. 2033 on PC is even better.

I was thinking of getting the Metro Redux for PS4.