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Forums - Sales Discussion - American sales - WII + PS3 --- just WOW

Lets see 360 sells more than last week and more than the same time period last year. Clearly shit has hit the fan.

I suspect the ps3 got a boost from bluerays victory over hddvd.

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I cant wait to see Fubuary NPD. I sure hope this time vg is right on the money and is not overtracking the ps3 due to not wanting to undertrack it again by so much. Overall I still believe Vgchartz are highyl accurate and fubuary NPD will prove it.

Woo Hoo PS3


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I think both consoles got boost from little game called, GTA

darthdevidem01 said:

I can name NO OTHER console that has seen such a comeback...

ofcourse it won't get within arms distance of the wii....

but for a console that had a Book about its FAILURe written

PS3 aint doin

Yep, it's exceptional.

But I do caution too much optimism, darth. This is, what, 3-4 weeks of sales in America? It's a good sign, to be sure, but I want to wait for at least 2-3 months to see if this sustains itself, epecially given how Japanese sales went. It seemed like the PS3 had rreally surged forward in Japan, was sustaining itself... and then bam, right back down to last year's levels.

I doubt that will happen in America, but again, let's wait and see. Regardless, very good showing for the PS3!">">


yes I think I will slow down the

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This is amazing! Glad to see the Ps3's Hardware selling great, especially this time of year, WTF is going on? Anyways hopefully the momentum of the Sony monster continues to increase. As the Wii proved that the momentum can last a loooong time.


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Look at how much ps3 is geting over 360 lol.. in total ... omg and in NA omg. LOL owned. blu-ray ownage!

On a side note the PS3 also reaches the 4 million mark in NA.


Why is Sony not having any supply problems then? Is MS DEFINITELY drying up the sales channels?

I think this shows the result when a few things happen:

1. You drop your primary SKU by $50 in the first 28 months.
2. A competitor comes in and starts offering added functionality for not much additional cost, even though you have a game advantage.
3. For some inexplicable reason, your supply channel is suddenly dry.

MS better pull their head out and pull it out fast if they want to keep the PS3 at bay in North America. They need updated SKUs, a price drop, and GTA advertising every place with enough room to slap a poster.

Other than that, things are really looking up for the PS3, though the real battle has yet to start this year. We'll see if MS has the balls to start testing Sony's mettle in the price war when GTA IV hits.

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