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Forums - Sales Discussion - American sales - WII + PS3 --- just WOW

PS3 sales are great. I'm sure its Dynasty Warriors. LOL.

Actually, I think a big factor is how many releases the ps3 is getting this year compared to last. It an insane difference.


Actually we undertracked ps3 in America last month.

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Damn, Wii makes another superjump as supply is increased. From 47k to 200K, wow!

360 may be higher next week too? I wonder if MS can increase their supply, or if they will announce a new SKU or something?

PS3? Doesn't make too much sense, unless it was some people waiting for the Blu-ray/HD DVD thing to end. We'll see if it can keep it up in the next few weeks.

edit: damn, DS just spanked the PSP this week!  Will PSP sales continue to drop?

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wow ps3 raped 360 considering 360 is very popular in teh states.

blu ray was a huge factor in its urge of sales. imagine when the mgs4 80gb ds3 bundle comes out

i told some of my friends this and their like " o its cause 360 is a year old"

@ Rocketpig

What do you think the chances of 360 drying up the channels for a new Sku to be? I personally hope their just being retarded or something, but that can't be right, I mean that would be so completely inept of MS.......

It does seem like ioi might have over adjusted for the PS3 because he was off in January. So far Wii has sold like 450k in feb... I hope that number is right!!!

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NYANKS said:
Why is Sony not having any supply problems then? Is MS DEFINITELY drying up the sales channels?


Well to answer your question is that there were a lot Ps3 sitting in the stores last year, so it'll be long time before we will see any type of drying up from sony.


NYANKS said:
Why is Sony not having any supply problems then? Is MS DEFINITELY drying up the sales channels?

MS has admitted to a shortage and nothing more. It could be a few things:

1. New SKUs are on their way. I find this somewhat unlikely because there are zero rumors floating around about this. Usually, we hear things a few weeks in advance when something that big hits.

2. They underestimated Christmas demand. This is completely idiotic, but possible. After stuffing the channel in 2006, MS may have been a bit hesitant coming into 2007. Even factoring in that, their 2007 sales weren't such an improvement over their 2006 numbers that this should be happening. They improved, but not by leaps and bounds.

3. The RRoD is such a problem that they're allocating new units to meet demand. This isn't happening because I know a few people who have gotten their 360s back in the past month (been checking around because mine is out for repair) and everyone is getting refurbs back, not new units. 

4. MS is full of mouth-breathing neanderthals and accidentally shipped all December 360s to Greenland, creating a shortage everywhere else in the world.

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Wii : Wii is not going to stop this year with Mario Kart + Wiifit + many others games
expect huge sales during the whole year

PS3 : good

Xbox360 : there are maybe short supply occuring in NA
we dont know in fact.
I doubt the PS3 is able to outsell the Xbox so easly...

and +1 for rocketpig
u should also add
4. Another console is stilling all the casual crowd away from u.

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Another reason Rocketpig

4. Made a console with the highest failure rate ever

^ Rocketpig didn't they officially state it was because of higher than expected demand during the holidays? That would make sense. *shrug*