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Forums - Sales Discussion - American sales - WII + PS3 --- just WOW

libellule said:
Wii : Wii is not going to stop this year with Mario Kart + Wiifit + many others games
expect huge sales during the whole year

PS3 : good

Xbox360 : there are maybe short supply occuring in NA
we dont know in fact.
I doubt the PS3 is able to outsell the Xbox so easly...

and +1 for rocketpig
u should also add
4. Another console is stilling all the casual crowd away from u.

We know there is definitely a 360 shortage in NA. That is without question. I've seen threads all over the place where people are saying that Pros and Elites can't be found in 75% of the stores. There have also been a few posters here who work in retail and have confirmed this. The stores are ordering the units, they're just not getting any from MS right now.

Even my local Gamestop confirmed this a few weeks back. I talk to the manager a lot and he said "we're just not getting our orders filled". 

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rocketpig said:
NYANKS said:
Why is Sony not having any supply problems then? Is MS DEFINITELY drying up the sales channels?

MS has admitted to a shortage and nothing more. It could be a few things:

1. New SKUs are on their way. I find this somewhat unlikely because there are zero rumors floating around about this. Usually, we hear things a few weeks in advance when something that big hits.

2. They underestimated Christmas demand. This is completely idiotic, but possible. After stuffing the channel in 2006, MS may have been a bit hesitant coming into 2007. Even factoring in that, their 2007 sales weren't such an improvement over their 2006 numbers that this should be happening. They improved, but not by leaps and bounds.

3. The RRoD is such a problem that they're allocating new units to meet demand. This isn't happening because I know a few people who have gotten their 360s back in the past month (been checking around because mine is out for repair) and everyone is getting refurbs back, not new units. 

4. MS is full of mouth-breathing neanderthals and accidentally shipped all December 360s to Greenland, creating a shortage everywhere else in the world.


So I guess you are saying that it is an underestimation of sales by MS, right?  You seem hesitant about the other 3.  By the way, I hope it's number 4, lol.

elendar said:
^ Rocketpig didn't they officially state it was because of higher than expected demand during the holidays? That would make sense. *shrug*

The baffling part of that is the fact that their Nov-Dec 07 sales just weren't that much higher than their 06 numbers. Unless the entire division is completely incompetent, they had to know that sales would be marginally higher with a $50 cheaper box, Halo, Mass Effect, BioShock, etc.

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Good for wii, good for PS3.

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I can't understand how X360 is supply constrained (If it truely is).

This is because it is selling really badly. How can it be 'sold out', if it is only selling 130,000 consoles WW a week? Surely Microsoft are making more consoles than that.


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outlawauron said:


Actually we undertracked ps3 in America last month.

maby you missunderstood me.  I know we undertacked it last month.  I was just saying that I hope that does not lead to overtracking it this month.


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Devilstation said:
I can't understand how X360 is supply constrained (If it truely is).

This is because it is selling really badly. How can it be 'sold out', if it is only selling <140,000 consoles WW a week? Surely Microsoft are making more consoles than that.

We are talking about NA sales here, or more specifically the US. The Pro/Elite are in very short supply in the US.

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I must say I am surprised. I honestly didn't think the end of the format war would make this much of a difference. I wonder if is just a boost for the PS3, or something that will be sustained over time. MS better hope it's just a temporary boost.

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Look at this chart from 11/4/06-1/1/08. There has to be more to the shortage than "unexpected demand". While the sales are better in 07's holiday, they're not better enough to warrant a shortage.

Changing factory lines? Retrofitting RRoD fixes? New SKUs? Dunno, but blaming the holiday season makes no sense.

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I just hope people remember this next week, because i'm willing to bet we'll get another round of "wii fad over" threads when it sells sub 50k next week, which i think it will