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Forums - Sales Discussion - June 2014 NPD Thread! PS4: 269k, XBO: 197k, Wii U: 140k

I think VGC has WiiU overtracked and XBO overtracked. PS4 looks good.


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I think everything is overtracked. Vidyagaemz are d00medz.

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Mario Kart doing gooood

Probably XBO overtracked as usual but PS4 seams ok in June. Soon we know.

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Well, time for another month of me being sad about the Wii U :(

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Tagging for interesting June results!

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Intrinsic said:
daredevil.shark said:

So much cruelty. Cant we live in peace ane harmony? The world could be a better place with peace.

Imagine how the world will be without the hammer...

A lot worse.