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Forums - Sales Discussion - June 2014 NPD Thread! PS4: 269k, XBO: 197k, Wii U: 140k

should be an interesting one

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uptownsoul said:
AZWification said:

I'm going to cry in a corner and then get drunk if WiiU will be under 100k! >_<

Tagged:  And your supposed to cry and get drunk at the same time...DOH!!!

Eh.. I like to do some things a little differently..

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I have a feeling VGC is gonna be pretty well within the margins

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kirby007 said:
I have a feeling VGC is gonna be pretty well within the margins

You know what, I agree


The numbers seem pretty reasonable and I dint think there will be any surprises as with the past few months.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

wary-wallaroo said:

I bet VGC over tracked the X1 by at least 25k, and under tracked the PS4 by around the same. How many months will that make it that they do the same, exact thing? 3 or 4?


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Hopefully Mario Kart pushed some WiiUs this month.

if wii u is under 100k - i am just going to loose it


I was too slow. Anyway I predict:

PS4 - 200k
XB1 - 160k
WiiU - 140k
3DS - 125k
PSV - 25k

maybe the wii u is undertracked, or the numbers of may where total crap... could be that npd has the mk8 sales this month and not last like vgc had...