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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kazuo Hirai should be fired.

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He's being doing fine. Remember this is a Japanese company and not a American one so its not easy to completely retool and change the direction of the company.

Selling Vaio, more emphasis on mobile and playstation has been a good start.

Turning around a company as large as Sony is a long term project. Some of the losses they have made are directly associated with turning it around so it's not as bad as it looks, or at least it won't be when the job is complete.

As a Sony stock holder, I do not want to see Kaz go, at least not yet. Give him another 2 years. Just as Obama did, he walked into what was already a disaster. He did much of the saving of the PS3 after such a terrible start. Give him some more time to do the same with Sony as a whole. It's only been two years, US presidents get at least 4


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Anfebious said:
Telnor said:

Maybe you should apply for the job? Seeing as you seem to think you know better eh?

This kind of comments don't contribute anything to the discussion, please refrain from taking sarcastic digs.

Well let's be honest, your thread is short sighted and you offer no real reasons why Kaz should be fired.

Give some proper reasons why he should and then you can produce an healthy debate. Blindly stating that it's his fault why Sony are still losing money just makes this a troll thread.

I know you state that you're a "Sony Fanboy" but I totally agree with Telnor's comment. Your thread just shows a lack of understanding of what is actually going on at Sony.

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Troll thread.


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LOL Wait...the same guy who saved the PS3 and was given the huge task of saving the rest Sony after his success? Saving the whole company of Sony is no easy task. Hes making budget cuts and letting go of wasteful products. If Sony is making posting less of a loss than the last head of Sony was overseeing than he's steering them in the right direction. This guy has a huge task to undertake. He saved a portion of Sony but was handed practically a falling kingdom.

Actual market analysts are impressed with Sony's movements towards long term health. When you're dealing with an organization as large as Sony is, it takes a long time to get rid of problems accumulated over massive expanses of the past years. Paradigms have shifted considerably with rising competition from Korea and China (hence the manufacturing industry shifting out of Japan for many things by now, even from Japanese companies, unthinkable back in the 80s into the 90s!).

There are these things in real life known as obligations and liabilities. Also, governments tend to have laws. If Sony was not restricted by these things, they could be profitable tomorrow.

"Hey all you people who worked 50 years for us, you get no pensions! Sorry!"
"Hey all you companies we have signed legal contracts with to buy this, provide that, etc, well screw you, you're dead to us!"
"Hey you Japanese Government! You know all those taxes we owe for these failing business sectors? We're not paying them!"


The problem areas are being drawn down rapidly. Once those writedowns and liabilities are cut off, things will be fairly spectacular in terms of a comeback. PS4 is also going to make them a LOT more money than they could have ever planned on even in their wildest dreams pre-launch as well. It's still small compared to their insurance business, but it's going to grow large enough pretty quickly to where it will accelerate their path towards real profitability.

So yes, they're not out of the woods yet, but they have a path, and there's daylight visible. And that is due in no small part to Kaz doggedly doing his duties.

Anyone who thinks they're 'screwed', or that Kaz hasn't done exceptional work .. well to put it kindly they don't know they're talking about.

Drakester said:

You clearly have no clue as to what is going on in Sony, as an Economist for the ANZ bank in Australia I get paid to monitor the Nikkei which is the Japanese stock exchange. Now everyday i have to analyse their major stocks and register them as risk averse or risky. Now Sony is risky at the moment due to its losses but Kaz Hirai is changing that by cutting off all the dead weight left by previous CEOs. He has scrapped Vaio which was bleeding money for them and in the process the writing off of the unused components actually caused Sony to post a loss this quarter otherwise they would have posted a small profit. Kaz Hirai is also focusing on Sony Financial which is far and beyond their best performing subsiduary and making sure it gets the capital required to continue posting large profits in order to keep the PlayStation division afloat until later in the PS4s lifecycle when it becomes a cash cow. 

Kaz Hirai is also pushing the Xperia line which is posting strong growth annually across the board. However where Sony is really loosing the money is in the TV market and Sony is reluctant to leave it as they hold many patents in this market and also have a strong focus on bringing the consumer the whole entertainment package as sales of Sony Bravias tend to help sales of other Sony perphirials. However Hirai is changing the focus of the TV side by splitting off its 4K TVs as a seperate entity in order to focus capital on the emerging market. 

So basically in short Sony was completely fucked 2 years ago with losses right across the board, Hirai is stemming these losses and cutting off the deadweight and it is showing in the bottom line. Hirai needs atleast 3 more years in order to start posting consisten profits again as the restructuring program he is undertaking is costly however it is done with the future in mine so he has been heavily increasing the capital towards R and D. So for you to complain about Hirai not being able to turn around massive losses in only 2 years shows what a complete idiot you are and this is coming from someone who actually tells people to invest in a company thats loosing money for their job...

Since when has Playstation been a cash cow?  You might want to do some more "analysis" of that claim.

No, sorry, but I am going to have to call you out... again.  Your tone stinks and your "analysis" is flawed (to be polite). 

In November you assured us that all was well, one of the reasons you cited was the re-emergence of the Vaio brand with rising sales.... its since been closed. (, and now you say thats good because it was "bleeding money" lol, make your mind up.

Better yet (and this is gold people), in October you said that you were advising your clients to ditch MS and buy Sony stock as MS had peaked and Sony was about to rise, with lots of opinion to back up why (notice I say opinion and not facts)... since then MS has risen 27% and Sony stock has fallen 17%. Boy must those clients be pissed at you! (

Then there are posts like these...,,

Even if you are an analyst that still only means you have an opinion, it doesnt make you right. As evidenced above by your awful analysis in late 2013.

Dont be so condescending.  As part of MY role, I am fed this kind of analysis on a daily basis, it is MY job to filter it for my clients.  Some of what is provided is good and some of it is bad, yours looks very bad indeed and reading your other posts it seems to me that your analysis is coloured by your liking of the company under discussion... which makes you dangerous on a professional level and useless on an objective level.

...and dont call people idiots.



The problem here is over promising and under delivering, thats the reason he was heckeld at thr last shareholder meeting and why attendance of the meeting has collapsed.  Shareholders have lost faith.  

I agree that two years may not be enough, but Kaz said it was.  I have always said that Kaz wasnt the right man.  Despite beliefs here, he has no track record.  He took over SCE and simply cut the price of the PS3 to drive market share up. Thus taking huge losses, thats not strategy, its hobsons choice.

I'm not really here!

Why fire him? Sony is a slow sinking ship since 2000....