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Forums - Sales Discussion - Are MK8 numbers more impressive than WD??


Which is more impressive?

Mario Kart 8, obviously. 336 62.92%
You made this soooooo bad :P 27 5.06%
Can't decide. 43 8.05%

So, let's 100% believe the numbers we have. Mario Kart 8 SOLD (not shipped) 1.2 million and gave a boost to the Wii U to 187k units. Watchdogs sold EXACTLY 4 million on 4 consoles + PC (an average of .8 million per platform), and boosted PS4 to 202k, Xbone to 52k, PS3 to 40k, and X360 to 26k units.

That all means: Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million on a ~6.36 million userbase (an attach rate of 18,87%), and Watchdogs sold 4 million on a +175,6 or +12.7  million userbase (an attach rate of  only 2.27%! Or an impressive 25.2%!)

Some notes:

  • Mario Kart is an established franchise.
  • Watchdogs is a new IP.
  • And according to these numbers, last gen console users are pretty much nonexistent.
  • EDITED SOMETHINGS: I included a comparison with only next gen platforms because of the point above, and Torillian made a very good point. And as such, I made the WD totals 3.2 million to get the attach rate. (Had to check the Weekly USA sales, and i thought 800k from PS3 and 360 made sense?)

And what did we learn? I don't know, I'm sure I made some horrible mistakes on this. I'm not even sure if I should "submit" this.

But what we learned is that Nintendo fans do embrace Nintendo franchises, and that making Watchdogs a cross-gen console didn't help that much. It's numbers are FANTASTIC, but I believe Mario Kart 8 did better than Watchdogs. 

* sale numbers for this week

Why can't I tag Mario Kart 8 or Watchdogs :( 

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Well 4>1.2 ... So.... I'm going to say watch dogs has more impressive numbers...

both excellent

They both did amazing and it's hard to decide which was the bigger feat for me personally, but I'm honestly more impressed by the fact that WD almost sold 1 million in the US for PS4 according to VGC.

I think PS4 version of WD will be closer (or even higher) than MK8, so no


edit: +900k only in USA. So no, WD >>>> Mario Kart

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watch dogs of course
new ip
boycott from some pc gamers and manage to survive
thats pretty impresive

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WD sold almost 1M in USA only and considering only ps4 (being a multiplat crossgen). So 1M in 3.5M (30%) instal base for a new IP is terrific. And is more impressive than Mk8 even tough it boost WiiU 400%

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Both games did very well and hardware went up. Good for all gamers.

Ubisoft's best selling new IP ever.

Personally, that says it all.

Gonna go with MK8 because it beat a bunch of multiplats despite being on a singular home console with the second smallest userbase over only Xbone.