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Forums - Sales Discussion - Are MK8 numbers more impressive than WD??


Which is more impressive?

Mario Kart 8, obviously. 336 62.92%
You made this soooooo bad :P 27 5.06%
Can't decide. 43 8.05%

Mario Kart 8 'cause it had a much smaller install base, not to mention barely any marketing.

Edit: I meant barely any marketing compared to Watch_Dogs, not that it didn't have any marketing

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Personally, I'm impressed that a game as mediocre as Watch Dogs (on 360 that's putting it nicely from what I hear) sold as well as it did. Mainly looking at last gen versions here, seems to be alright on current.

Mario Kart, on the other hand, is a great game that sold great. Not impressive!

What is most impressive is how a game like Watch Dogs can be a system seller.

Mario Kart 8 numbers are no way impressive. It should be expected. Thinking otherwise is underestimating Nintendo and the quality and popularity of the Mario Kart games. They have all sold extremely well and sell better than Zelda and Metroid titles. If it didn't help sell Wii U units itself than Super Smash Bros would be the last hope for a major surge.

Watch Dogs is more impressive simply because its a new IP so it has no history other than the hype behind it.

^ but remember that MK8, as amazing as the franchise is, was released on the worst selling Nintendo console.

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To be honest I would say watch dogs is more impressive.

1. First game in the franchise.
2. Fastest selling new ip ever
3. PS4 version USA only has almost sold as much as MK8 WW.

Those three points say its more impressive to me. I could mention even more things but what would be the point?

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Slarvax said:
^ but remember that MK8, as amazing as the franchise is, was released on the worst selling Nintendo console.

That doesn't effect the quality or popularity of the franchise. Great games sell great and MK8 is great.

US software is up. Watch Dogs PS4 sold twice as much as MK8, lol.

New IP compared to one of the biggest IP's in the industry. Fuck yes, Watch Dogs sales are more impressive.

Watchdogs for me, new IP vs long established multi-million selling juggernaut who's predecessor sold 35 million. Preliminary US sales data suggests WD also achieved a higher attach rate on the PS4 than MK8 did on the Wii U. Thats probably the biggest surprise with WD, how well its sold on gen 8 consoles versus the much larger gen 7 install base.

Eh, going MK8 because it sold that amount in 2 days, whereas Watch Dogs was released the 27th? Not to mention the whole multi-plat single-plat deal.