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So, let's 100% believe the numbers we have. Mario Kart 8 SOLD (not shipped) 1.2 million and gave a boost to the Wii U to 187k units. Watchdogs sold EXACTLY 4 million on 4 consoles + PC (an average of .8 million per platform), and boosted PS4 to 202k, Xbone to 52k, PS3 to 40k, and X360 to 26k units.

That all means: Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million on a ~6.36 million userbase (an attach rate of 18,87%), and Watchdogs sold 4 million on a +175,6 or +12.7  million userbase (an attach rate of  only 2.27%! Or an impressive 25.2%!)

Some notes:

  • Mario Kart is an established franchise.
  • Watchdogs is a new IP.
  • And according to these numbers, last gen console users are pretty much nonexistent.
  • EDITED SOMETHINGS: I included a comparison with only next gen platforms because of the point above, and Torillian made a very good point. And as such, I made the WD totals 3.2 million to get the attach rate. (Had to check the Weekly USA sales, and i thought 800k from PS3 and 360 made sense?)

And what did we learn? I don't know, I'm sure I made some horrible mistakes on this. I'm not even sure if I should "submit" this.

But what we learned is that Nintendo fans do embrace Nintendo franchises, and that making Watchdogs a cross-gen console didn't help that much. It's numbers are FANTASTIC, but I believe Mario Kart 8 did better than Watchdogs. 

* sale numbers for this week

Why can't I tag Mario Kart 8 or Watchdogs :( 

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