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Here, I will have an archive for the books I've read (because I'm getting them from the library/online, so I can't keep count of them physically). And yes, this means a lot to me. I want to know all the books I've read/will read.


  • The Book Thief.
  • Speed of Dark.
  • Lives of the Saints.
  • The Foundation.
  • The Crucible.
  • 1984.
  • The Girl on the Train.
  • Freakonomics.
  • The Lovecraft Compendium (a collection of 5 stories from H.P. Lovecraft).
  • Brave New World.
2017 - RIP
  • A brief history of time.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Animal Farm.
  • The Martian
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