Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Japan - Mario Kart 8 getting free Mercedes-Benz DLC this Summer

I dont even understand what Im reading O_O

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Does not computer.
I'd take anything free, though.

Actually decent dlc! I would consider purchasing it. Mercedez probably paid a pretty penny to get this added.

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Can't wait for the inevitable F-Zero DLC pack.

this is so weird

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I'm actually a fan of DLC, and I'm glad to see Nintendo hoping on the train....but this strange. It doesn't fit in with the visual aesthetic of Mario Kart.

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Anything is better than a Toyota, so hooray I guess!

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My prediction of free dlc for Mario Kart 8 is coming true! :)

Sharu said:



Reminds me of Mario in Tekken.

did tbone mention its free


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