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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - (Wii U) What do you think?

The Wii U movin' on up - in the east & west side - it finally got a piece of the pi-iiiii-ie.  


XOne is sky diving in hardware sales in America and Europe.  Hardware sales fell down to about 12,000 in Europe and as of now selling about 49,000 across the board.  I don't expect the XOne to put up big numbers in Japan when/if it launch there.  The PS Vita is also dropping across the board and will also continue to decline as time goes on.  The Wii U isn't putting up big numbers like the Playstation 4 or 3DS are, but it's movin' on up to sit comfortably in third.  PS4 sales has dropped in Japan and will also decline in hardware sales to a level it would maintain to there's a price cut.  Nintendo is at its lowest level and would hold with price cuts.  With Nintendo exclusive Mario Kart 8, it's going to move some hardware with the MK8 bundle.  E3 is upon us and I'm sure the excitement will move all hardware some.  I see Wii U taking second just behind the 3DS in the foreseeable future.  Nintendo exclusives are second to none.

You all should know most or all by now but I'm going to list them anyway.


Mario Kart 8 (don't have long now)

Bayonetta 2

Super Smash Bros


Zelda U

Hyrule Warriors

Yarn Yoshi

Sonic Boom

SMT X Fire Emblem

Fatal Frame U (I think it's coming to the west)


We should also see a surprise or two at E3.  What do you think, is it about Wii U's time to climb to the top?

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Nope. There will be a temporary boost, and that's it. And it won't be second. Maybe third. For a week. Then the XBO price cut will steal it's thunder.

Well, this is new.


will be a moderate boost on average for the rest of the year.

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I believe that from June onwards Wii U competes with XO.

I think Wii U don't sell less of 50,000 and have constancy of 60,000.

XO less of 30,000 before price drop, +100,000 after price drop for 1 month, and after have constancy of 80,000, and don't sell less of 70,000.

From September, XO coming in other places, and i thin after the boots, have costance of 85,000, and don't sell less of 75,000.

But on Chrismas Wii U will win.

Essentially, if X180 doesn't pass Wii U by Christmas I don't think it ever will....

At least, no until after Nintendo announces their next console ;)

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THere will be a positive net gain on the weekly once MK8 launches and likely again after this xmas... meaning next year will be higher than this year, but don't expect it to overall do better than Gamecube lifetime.

As it is right now, none of the consoles are saturated. The PS4-XBONE have a PS360 mainstream market to appeal to, and the Wii U has a Wii/PS2 mainstream. The advantage the Wii U has, which the others do not is that many will buy it as a supplemental console for playing Nintendo games, while those who want a cheap console to replace their Wii or PS2 will buy it for its low costs (the Wii U has a lot of potential for price drops.) If we learned anything from last generation, consoles can make a comeback in sales when the market is readyfor them. I think all three manufacturers are more focused on reducing losses and maximizing profit in a shrinking market more than anything else (they're on the defensive, not the offensive.) Console sales aren't as important when a market is unhealthy, profits become crucial. And which company is harmed by this depends on its internal elasticity. Nintendo is obviously more (relatively) invested in the video-game market than Sony and Microsoft (who have profits and losses in other divisions and might consider focusing on them) and therefore they are the most inelastic. They are the ones who need to succeed the most, but also the ones who have the motivation to succeed the most. Sony and Microsoft have positive and negative externalities which affect their performance. So really, it all depends on the unpredictable market forces.

However, Nintendo also has the most cash to throw at their problems: Sony is pretty much broke, Microsoft I don't think has the desire to throw vast sums at their game division.

Love the console to death! So excited for e3!


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PS4 is king for next few years. Japan is irrelevant.

XBO needs to try and avoid having the problem WiiU has

WiiU is dead, except as a second console for Nintendo core fans.