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Godzilla (2014) was...

A great film. 16 43.24%
A good but flawed film 11 29.73%
A bad film. 8 21.62%
Haven't seen/No interest in seeing/Results 2 5.41%

This won't be very comprehensive or a full plot synopsis just my thoughts on why the movie is excellent.

Because of the mixed reviews I went into this movie very apprehensively. After seeing the movie I left the theater with a smile on my face. I feel it does a good job of cutting between the monsters converging on San Francisco and the humans coming up with, and executing, a plan. The movie is 2 hours, but felt short, which shows that I was able to get invested. Bryan Cranston, while only in the film for a short time, gives an excellent performance. Ken Watanabe is around the entire movie and also gives an excellent performance. His "let them fight" remark ushering in the movie's climax is the stuff of legend.

I'll talk a little about the monsters. The full-frontal reveal shot of Godzilla is well executed. The glimpses of Godzilla we see before he's fully revealed give a fantastic sense of scale. The two MUTOs put up a great fight against Godzilla and allow for impressive visuals and fight scenes. The first MUTO, a male, is smaller and has wings. The second MUTO is female and is huge, roughly the same size as Godzilla. 

Now for the fighting! We're given a heavy tail swipe by Godzilla that kills the male MUTO. Godzilla breathes his atomic breath three times in the film. Godzilla killing the female MUTO is absolutely one of the greatest things I've seen in my life. Godzilla grabs her head, pries her jaw open, then shoots atomic breath down her throat. The force of the blast decapicates her and he's left standing with the creature's head in his hand. Godzilla bellows and then drops her head. He then passes out from exhaustion.

We get a happy ending as the main human character reunites with his wife and son. Godzilla awakes as rescue workers are searching the rubble of damaged parts of San Francisco. He lumbers toward the ocean and, before descending, lets out one final roar. News coverage of the event declares him King of the Monsters and anoints Godzilla savior of San Francisco.

As a fan of Godzilla I feel it's one of the best films in the franchise. I eagerly await Legendary Pictures' Godzilla 2.

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a fine movie, but i wanted MORE godzilla...

I thought it was fantastic also.

They really captured the sense of scale, power, and danger with the monsters, and Godzilla himself walked the line between destructive and sympathetic beautifully.

It was clear that the filmmakers knew and respected the source material, and they succeeded where the 1998 film so dismally failed in doing justice to Godzilla as a character.

His reveal, his first use of his atomic breath, and his brutal finisher on the female Muto were badass beyond words. Then there was the planes tumbling out of the sky when Muto EMPs San Francisco, the army engaging Godzilla at the Golden Gate Bridge, the stylish archive-footage introduction... so many great scenes.

9/10 movie in my book.

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Easily 9/10.

I've said a lot on this in the other bad review thread. Very good Godzilla movie. Can't wait for sequel which will undoubtedly add more monster time to make it perfect.

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This movie was so fucking shit! From the trailer you'd think Bryan Cranston was the main character and the actual main character wasnt even shown..also they completely hid the fact there was more than one monster and even edited out the other monsters in some parts of the trailer

you should have put just okay as on of the answer's. I voted good film,but flawed. did'nt hate it,but was'nt blown away bye it. all the flaws pointed out,are pretty much my feelings on it,but what was there was done well on a technical level. I have mixed feelings on the movie.

The film was solid but it really had awful writing. There is so many things humanity did that were plenty stupid just to add suspense. The wife was hardly a character only there to supply more character to the poor protagonist. The amount of times the protagonist was saved by Deus Ex Machina got annoying especially as they got more ridiculous as it went on. The monster battle scenes were nice, but they tried to portray Godzilla as a good force a little too hard

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It was complete and utter shit, anyone who thinks otherwise will see that for themselves when they watch it again a few years down the line.

Zax said:
It was complete and utter shit, anyone who thinks otherwise will see that for themselves when they watch it again a few years down the line.

I beg to differ. Not trying to take your opinion away, but don't force it on others either.