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Forums - Sony Discussion - The dangers of purchasing games on PSN

There are always risks when using outdated technology.

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If I were you, I'd call Sony, tell them what happened, and see if you can get a refund.

Phone Sony instead of whining about it in a games forum.

The longer you wait the less likely it will be that they refund you. And if you happen to wait too long and they don't, then you can be sure to know that you won't get any sympathy here.

J_Allard said:
KylieDog said:
J_Allard said:
Buying anything on PSN is dangerous. I was reading the fine print on a PS+ card the other day and it says that even though you're using a prepaid card for the subscription, if you actually have an active credit/debit card on your console, it will automatically set to auto renew on that card. What the fuck? I hope they don't actually enforce that bull shit.

XBL does that also, or it did for the few years I had it, though the trick with XBL is to leave it turned on, then a few days before the year expires ring customer services and tell them to turn it off because you wanna cancel Gold, then they offer you a year at half price.

Never had that happen any time on XBL and I have had a card on there for a majority of my 8+ years owning the console.

This is something added for the PS4 PS+ cards. It didn't used to say that. Idk if Sony actually goes through with it or not but that's downright despicable imho whichever company does it.

the standard is that it's set to auto renew if you have the funds in your psn purse or CC information linked to your account, but that can easily be disabled

it's certainly not a fine move to have the auto renewal activated as a standard


@ OP)

That never happened to me, because I double check that I buy what I actually want to buy instead of making false assumptions. The "PSN" icon means that it's a non-retail game, all PS3 games have a "PS3" icon. In Flower's case you could have bought any version, because that's a "Cross-Buy" game, Sine Mora isn't.

" ..and i'm guessing i can't swap the Vita version with the PS3 version..?"

No idea, why don't you ask the Sony support instead?

"The danger of not being able to read properly"

Sorry dude, I'd rather blame it on yourself so that next time you don't click on the first thing you see and spend your money more carefully. This kinda stuff can happen in any store, physical or digital and with any product. It's YOUR fault.

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Don't blame Vita :( that sucks but really it was your fault. Never happened this to me or somone which I know. Pay more attention next time.

leyendax69 said:
Don't blame Vita :( that sucks but really it was your fault. Never happened this to me or somone which I know. Pay more attention next time.

he did pay attention, but made false assumptions - that's probably why he wants to shift the blame to PSN

I went to check what's happening, and found out that there are two versions of Sine Mora. One has a "PS Vita" tag, and another has a "PS3" tag.

If you had bothered to actually check this fact, you would not need to write about it on the internet.

As almost everybody here suggested, it is much more helpful to phone Sony customer service than to share it on a random forum. I'm positive that they will rectify your mistake.

Also, I find the thread title as very misleading, and somewhat of a click-bait, as I was expecting that the "Dangers" had something to do with fraud, theft or some other malpractice, instead of being a self-inflicted wound due to false assumptions and negligence.

You should have just checked the other option after you saw it said Vita next to it.

You should call Sony and tell them your mistake, and I'm sure they'll refund you.


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I already called Sony yesterday


I was originally just going to take this L but I gave in and was like "I'll just call them really quick and hopefully i'll be playing Sine Mora in the next 20-30 minutes"


So i called and the little auto pre recorded lady came on and said that i was going to have to wait about 15 minutes after answering the 2 questions






So i put the phone on speaker, sat the phone down and waited about 15 minutes and as soon as i heard a guy pick up the phone, i fucked around and pressed "End Call" instead of the speaker button to take the speaker mode off.


Isn't that lovely?


So i immediately called back again because i wanted to play Sine Mora as soon as possible. I waited the 15 minutes again, they picked up and after giving my info, they said that i was going to have to wait a couple days for the refund to transfer back into my wallet.


I immediately thought " nooooo! I bet i have to wait a full 3 days for it to transfer.


So i asked again before getting off the phone " So you said i'm going to have to wait a couple days?" and she said that it was going to take like 5-10 days






Why can't you just do it now? Whatever


I'll probably have purchased Sine Mora without the refund by that time. I'll probably buy it today


Oh well