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Forums - Sony Discussion - The dangers of purchasing games on PSN

So i just got off work and have been planning to purchase a game called Sine Mora on PS3. I had just spent my last $10(for gaming) on a $10 PSN card so i could purchase the game.


So i get home, put the little code shit in or whatever and added it to my funds. 


I started typing in "Sine Mora" and before i could get to the 3rd letter, a couple games popped up on the side that i was possibly going to type. I look over and i see "Sine Mora" so i immediately went over and clicked Sine Mora.


So right before i purchased it, i noticed that it had a "PSV" thing beside it and i was like " wait... wait WAIT HOLD UP! I dont want the FUCKING VITA VERSION!!" So i went back to the game page and seen that it had a PSV AND a PSN  thing right beside it so i thought that it was going to just let me download the PSN AND PSV versions of the game because i also got both the PSN and PSV versions of "Flower" when i only purchased one. I just downloaded the PSN version and left the Vita version alone because i dont have a Vita.


So i purchased the game and guess what happened when i attempted to install it? It said "Start [content manager] on the PS Vita system, and then connect the PS Vita system to the ps3 system" WTF!!!!!


So i went back and typed in Sine Mora again on the PS Store and i noticed that there were now 2 different Sine Mora games on the PSN. I click the 1st and it says PSV and PSN beside it with the download icon basically letting me know that i had already purchased this.


I then clicked the 2nd Sine Mora game and it said PS3 and PSN beside it with a "Add to cart $9.99" icon under it as if to say " No, bitch! You DIDNT buy it!"


I sat there and looked at the screen for about 10 minutes when i realized that i downloaded the FUCKING Vita version.


Money WASTED!!


And why the fuck would the Vita version pop up 1st over the PS3 version anyways? Im on THE PS3! I could understand if i was browsing the psn store on a Vita but IM ON THE PS3 so that means the ps3 version should pop up 1st. ..TF!!


Moral of the story, be careful when downloading on PSN because you might download the FUCKING Vita version.


Has this ever happened to anybody else? ..and i'm guessing i can't swap the Vita version with the PS3 version..?

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Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.


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The real danger is on buying things from psn is that if you ever decide to hack a ps3, your account will get banned and any game you have not download will be no longer accessible which is kinda lame...

They should not ban the account cause then the person will never buy anything from psn again but if they kept the account but limited the access to psn features so the person can still buy games in the future its a win win for both! But oh well, your thing is pretty lame, I will admit. You should call sony and see if they can fix it


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Seniorfarts said:
Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.

because you are to chicken to say it on your main?

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Never happened to me, but I also have every sony console so I probably wouldnt care very much if I did...

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Seniorfarts said:
Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.

Seniorfarts said:
Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.

Lol this made my day ;)


 I always aimed to make a thread that would make lurkers take the leap ;)


But i guess this was going to happen eventually.


I typed in "SI" and before i could finish, "Sine Mora" popped up on the side among like 4 other games. It was the ONLY Sine Mora that popped up... and it was the damned Vita version

If it makes you feel better, I got Sine Mora on PS+ last year for free.


That sucks. Sony should find a better setup.

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Jesus man, what a bummer, I am really sorry for you. Well, good advice though, thanks, I will pay atention to that stuff from now on.
Hey, better days will come =D

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