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Forums - Sony Discussion - The dangers of purchasing games on PSN

Well, look at it this way. At least you now own the Vita version forever.

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This sucks so much, I would advise you to sell your Ps3 and purchase a 360.

All this cursing made me nauseous, you really need to take some fresh air. I never had this problem btw, my money is too precious so I'm always focused in whatever I'm doing.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
Seniorfarts said:
Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.


I bought several games out of PSN vita/ps3 and now PS4 never had a problem like that, btw isn't Sine Mora for Vita free ?

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Wow, that's... a really bizarre mistake to be honest. Just a polite way to say "dumb" really.

When the PS Store tells you it's a "PSN Game", it means it's digital-only. Retail titles are "Full games". I think the fact that it only said PS Vita and not PS3 should have given you a hint, but I'm not here to judge right?

Here's a tip though: buy stuff on the website, it has a very clear "Playable on:" thing. It's just better than browsing the store from the PS3 really.

enditall727 said:

Moral of the story, be careful when downloading on PSN because you might download the FUCKING Vita version. buy a psvita.


Buying anything on PSN is dangerous. I was reading the fine print on a PS+ card the other day and it says that even though you're using a prepaid card for the subscription, if you actually have an active credit/debit card on your console, it will automatically set to auto renew on that card. What the fuck? I hope they don't actually enforce that bull shit.

But just call Sony up or do their live chat and ask for a refund. The store is so cluttered and shitty with so many different products on it. Personally I think they should have a completely different store for each platform to avoid things like that.

Seniorfarts said:
Made this account just to tell you how big of an idiot you are.

Sorry man but this is the truth :).

That happened to me. I bought the complete first season of The walking dead for $5, and when I was about to install it I noticed that I bought the vita version instead of the ps3 version.