Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo will NOT be showcasing new hardware at E3, company confirms

On Thursday reports emerged suggesting the corporation would announce a new platform, or a new iteration of a current platform, during the Los Angeles games event.

But representatives for the corporation told CVG on Friday that such a reveal is not on the table.

During its most recent financial briefing, Nintendo revealed it is developing new hardware, but clarified this would be for a new 'Quality of Life' platform. Little is known about it, aside from this would not be a traditional games platform for core gamers.

"We wish to achieve an integrated hardware-software platform business that, instead of providing mobile or wearable features, will be characterized by a new area of what we like to call "non-wearable"
technology," Nintendo said at the time.

Chief executive Satoru Iwata said Nintendo would reveal the system before the end of the current financial year - which opens a window between now and March 2015.

The company's focus at E3 is expected to be games

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of course not. they aren't have an E3 conference.

hi superchunk!

News already disproved.

also no QoL ?

The rumor was that Nintendo would be producing new hardware, not a new platform.

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I know some people are making the distinction between the term 'hardware' and 'platform', but to me QoL does not really fit in with E3. Nintendo want to hit a big market with it.

No shit. Rumor made up by big N haters?

Then they will introduce something immediately after E3!!!!!

remember 3ds XL???????????????????

yep after E3!


Darn you, you beat me by 15 minutes.


This got squashed quickly.

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There's no reason to believe Nintendo when they say they're not going to announce new hardware. Why?

June 12, 2012, they state that they're working on the next portable, not an and that there won't be an XL. Literally nine days later they announce the 3DS XL.

You know, some people actually partially believe what companies say, because we knew there would be one eventually, but Nintendo outright lying, you wouldn't assume they'd announce it the following week.. "Okay, so no 3DS XL? We'll see one in atleast two years, so I guess I won't feel ripped off by purchasing a 3DS now for the time being." *Purchases 3DS. XL gets announced a week later.* "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

The events above are a true story.