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tuscaniman99 said:
Max King of the Wild said:

you realize that you are just giving more posts to have another thread like this six months from now. right? MP experiences can pretty much be accomplished through 3rd parties. CoD, Destiny, Titanfall 2, ectect. all which will help ps4 with better res and framerate more

COD is dying a quick death so no that won't satisfy. Titanfall 2 is either: A. 2 years away with the same crappy engine and graphics or B. 3+ years away with new engine and better game so that won't cut it either. Destiny is one game and its available on both consoles. I guess I will have to reiterate my earlier comments. By the end of this gen Xbox One will have outsold PS4 in NA. I'm not talking 6 months from now.  It will start gaining on PS4 after this holiday where I fully expect it to outsell PS4 in NA.

Now if MS doesn't drop the price then all bets are off and then of course PS4 will win NA.

I'm not a fan of COD but wat :P The last COD just sold 20.6 million (and still selling). The 360 version alone sold almost as much as Halo 4. Is that dying too? ^^;

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Well it's natural to predict wrong but it does get annoying when the predictions made are too unrealistic and too assertive.

While I understand the utility in looking back at old predictions, I'm not sure a thread such as this is the right vehicle. I think it ends up vilifying and embarrassing fellow forum posters more than it ends up illuminating the past.

I get that over-the-top vainglorious predictions are due for a reckoning, and I appreciate the OP's willingness to highlight his own missed prediction, but I can't shake the discomfort I feel wandering through this thread.

Just my two cents.

Congratulations. Here is your PHD, you mastered the science of hindsight... an exact science.

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thismeintiel said:
VanceIX said:
Those were all just predictions. No need to rub it in anyone's face if they were wrong.

Lol, I wouldn't really say predictions, per se.  Most of these people weren't predicting, they were telling us how it WOULD happen, not how it may happen if certain things went right.

Yeah, I can agree with this. That kind of behaviour does irritate me, so I enjoy seeing people called out for it.

It reminds me of that absolute mess of a thread where people were predicting how the WiiU and Vita would do last year.

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fps_d0minat0r said:

I agree.

Sony studios can create single player experiences far beyond the quality of third party games so it adds more value to the system than creating online focused games which still cant beat third party online games.

Having said that, the online modes on its games are still extremely good with LBP, uncharted and killzone a few examples.

Geez. I edited that whole comment out practically as soon as I posted it and then still got quoted on it :/

Zekkyou said:
tuscaniman99 said:

COD is dying a quick death 

I'm not a fan of COD but wat :P The last COD just sold 20.6 million (and still selling). The 360 version alone sold almost as much as Halo 4. Is that dying too? ^^;

Sometimes it's unbelievable what statements people make.

This is why people should avoid making gloating statements on forums. Some of those quotes were borderline inflammatory and condescending.

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Yeah, I remember when Sony fanboys kept predicting the PS3 to dominate early last gen. They were made fun of for much the same things as MS fanboys are nowadays; making predictions almost entirely on their bias and intense dislike for the 'opposing team'.

Opposing fanboys rubbing it in each others' faces is nothing new. Don't say it's unfair when it was done since over seven years ago!

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chapset said:
Jazz2K said:
So you make a thread to call out people that couldn't predict the future... have we hit a new low? I think we have.

Tuscaniman, are you really trying to argue with this? Don't quarell with them, you'll never get anything out of this and they'll make fun of you in a few months... at least that's an easy thing to predict.

For me I see it more as calling out people that keep making predictions out of there asses yet pretend that they know better than others (for whatever reasons) most, I repeat, most of the guys in the op are constant offenders, they have a '' my prediction is better than yours complex'' and won't admit of being wrong so threads like this are used to bring them back to reality but I don't kid myself they probably won't learn from this.

i think you nail it here.

..that said, there are a couple poster in my favorite fanbase that could use a thread of their own.  not to name names.  not that i have to.  :P