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    How will the low Metacritic Effect Far Cry 5 sales?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2018

    I don't know about the game, but your title already affected me deeply....

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    SOTC vs BOTW - Which is graphically more impressive?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 February 2018

    Kerotan said: Pretty simple really. In the graphics department which game is more impressive?  Artstyle both have their pros and cons, graphically speaking, on a spec level, SotC by a mile and a half. Everything seems low RES in BotW....

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    PS4 Sells 5.9 Million Units Worldwide During 2017 Holiday Season, >73.6 Million Sold Through

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2018

    Train wreck said: Q4 might be a little tough to sell thru 5.4 million to hit their target of 79 by March 31, they must have a price cut this quarter. Wait, they expect to sell 5.4M from Jan to March? Errrr unless GOW helps such thing happen, it won't happen.   Edit : Wait I'm stupid. Afaik the 79M is shipped and with 73.6M sold, it's likely shipped 75M at the very least....

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    On a ten point review scale, what number should represent an average game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 January 2018

    I wish people used logic when it comes to rating. To me, antyhing from 0 to 2 is fucking meh, anything from 2 to 4 is... well, they tried. Anything from 4 to 6 is average, it means it can sway either way and there are things to be enjoyed, but they're plagued by serious flaws. Anything from 6 to 8 is more than decent, it means it's not the game of the century, but it's a damn fine game. And...

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    Global Hardware Sales 25 November 2017

    in Sales Discussion on 28 December 2017

    The_Liquid_Laser said: PS4 total juuuuust shy of reaching 3DS total. You should check that again, it's not juuuuuust shy, it did it.   OT : Goddamit, I was told gaming was dying!! (Now Nintendo plz lower the price a bit so I can buy your console guilt-free!)...

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    PUBG Has 30 Million Players! 25.65m on PC and 4.35m on Xbox One(steamspy)

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 December 2017

    adisababa said: Damn.... seriously???? 3.35 million on the Xbox One?? That's a lot of sales in such a short time, now just got to wait for it to come out of preview, or in a somewhat playable state. The game is at 30 bucks. The sales are great but it was to be expected considering its success on PC and the price. The real question and aspect that would be interesting is to check...

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    Japan is the second best selling country for the ps4

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2017

    Azelover said: The Sony "base" love to change the rhetoric, when it doesn't suit them. Or move goals, anything to put Sony in a good light. Japan was always important, a lot of global phenomenons have started there, or came from there. The PS4 isn't an American product or an English product, it's global brand that started and is based in Japan. So OF COURSE Japan is important for the PS4,...

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    Guess Destiny 2's Final Metacritic Score: Currently 84 with 18 reviews (thread over game is good)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2017

    flashfire926 said: Mystro-Sama said: I hope it flops so badly. Too bad it's already a success, and it's a grat game....

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    Name a Movie or show, but replace one word with Asshole

    in Movies Discussion on 21 August 2017

    flashfire926 said: Saving private asshole Batman: The dark asshole And my top pick: Harry Potter and the sorcerers asshole Saving Asshole Ryan instead Also, 2001 : An Asshole Oddysey...

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    Anyone still seriously saying the Switch is going to fail?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2017

    Haters? I hope the system will succeed, so we never say goodbye to handhelds....

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    The Grand Finale! Poll #5!!!!! Best game ever made? Final winner declared!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 August 2017

    3 Zelda games and no Shadow of the Colossus? Yup, K den...

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    Microsoft is deserving of praise, not criticism, for XBox 1 not having many exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2017

    KLAMarine said: 4k1x3r said: it's the sheer number of exclusives that is flat out underwhelming AND the few that are available are not really exclusives. A game is a game regardless of whether or not it's exclusive. Yea but you're thinking rationally here, fanboys generally don't, they're driven by emotions....

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    Microsoft is deserving of praise, not criticism, for XBox 1 not having many exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 July 2017

    KLAMarine said: I often come across the complaint that many XBox 1 games that would have otherwise been exclusives are also put on PC thus rendering them non-exclusives and I'm wondering why people complain? Does a game being available on more than one platform not make it more readily available to people thus benefiting the consumer? Is the ability to play a game on more than one...

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    Playstation YouTube is just using Xbox One X Anthem footage with Photoshopped button.

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2017

    VGPolyglot said: 4k1x3r said: As people said in the NeoGAF thread, this is a video sent by EA to the Playstation channel... Sony is just publishing the video on their channel. I wonder what the deal is with that, do they pay Sony a certain amount for them to put it on their channel? Being a smartass aren't you? Whatever makes you happy. posting and not publishing,...

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    Playstation YouTube is just using Xbox One X Anthem footage with Photoshopped button.

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2017

    As people said in the NeoGAF thread, this is a video sent by EA to the Playstation channel... Sony is just publishing the video on their channel....

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    A revisionist/World War 2 thread!

    in Politics Discussion on 25 June 2017

    Wait, am I dreaming or is this thread for real?...

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    I don't like the direction Sony is taking

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2017

    topolino227 said: I never was really interested in God of War, well since the reveal last year 100% Day 1 buy, cant wait. And God of War was always the same, it needed a big change. Yea, after like 6 games, even I had to force myself to finish them, I have yet to finish Ascension, and I loved all the previous ones. So yea, I'm a huuuge fan of the first games, and I can't wait to see...

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    How Much Would You Pay For a Netflix-Style Gaming Service?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2017

    This made me realize something, I've never payed my yearly subscription full price, 49.99 the first time and 34.99 this month....

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    Do you reckon the PS5 will be boring?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2017

    maxleresistant said: archer9234 said: The hardware itself will become boring. There will be a point that a future generation won't look that much better for people to bother buying. Everything will rely on the actual games. That's why Microsoft's Strategy could work well long term. The strategy of not having any exclusives? Yea... that'll deffo work...

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    If it's on a Microsoft console AND the PC, it's an exclusive.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2017

    It really is not. I can play those "exclusives" on a PC that's either Acer, Asus or MSI.... on a Winodws 10 license that cost me like 100 bucks. So pardon me, but that's not what I'd call exclusive, especially when the console version is the worst one of the two....

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