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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, Skyward Sword is the best Zelda since Ocarina of TIme


Skyward Sword is the best since Ocarina of Time

Yes 103 71.03%
Si 39 26.90%

Ifit would have a real connected world you could explore then YES but because it does not NO

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The only Zelda I played worse than Skyward Sword were Minish Cap and Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword is meh.

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Nah, I agree Skyward Sword was pretty good, like nearly all Zelda games, but it wasn't the "best since Ocarina of Time".

In my opinion, Twilight Princess remains the 'best since OoT'. Skyward had a good story, yes, I also liked that a lot, and had some good dungeons. Also the control scheme was great and gave us some innovative puzzles on top of more challenging and engaging combat. However it all falls apart in the overworld. The fact that it was the most linear thing you could imagine on top of being disconnected and small was inexcusable. As far as 3D games go, I'd only put it in front of Wind Waker (even after the HD remake which definitely improved the game).

Ocarina of Time > Link's Awakening > Twilight Princess > Majora's Mask > A Link to the Past > Skyward Sword > A Link Between Worlds > The Legend of Zelda NES > The Wind Waker > Spirit Tracks > Adventure of Link > Oracle of Ages > Oracle of Seasons > Phantom Hourglass > Minish Cap > Four Swords

Majora's Mask, sorry.

The best Zelda game I don't care about playing since Spirit Tracks.

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I loved the game, and I think it's as good as Twilight Princess, but for very different reasons. I loved the controls and the story, and the fact that the way to the temples were interesting this time around! But there were way to little exploration and too few and boring side quests, and th handholding...! MYGAWD! Shut the fuck up Fi!

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FinalFantasyXIII said:

NES Zelda 1 is the best imho.

I actually think I agree!

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

I liked it. I don't like to think of Zelda games in terms of best since or whatever. They are self contained games that I enjoy all by themselves. They each tend to have their own qualities.

Mr Khan said:
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mii-gamer said:
Why all the hate for skyward sword? It was fucking awesome

Best boss battles
Best Dungeons (Pirate Ship, Lanaryu minds)
Awesome villain
Creative puzzles
Awesome music
Best set pieces in any zelda

I don't wanted to say but

Zelda cycle

Oh no! I did!

We're still in the part when it's cool to hate on Skyward Sword, though. We need to wait about 6 months to a year after Wii U Zelda (though you think it won't come, so 6 months to a year after Wii U/successor simul-launch Zelda?) When people will start griping about x, y, and z that Zelda U did and how Skyward Sword didn't have any of that shit.

If Nintendo has the balls and release a top down view Zelda for U, it will become the most hated game and finally Skyward Sword will be praised for what it did right.

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I think modern Action RPGs/JRPGS should have voice acting. FFXIII trilogy did this pretty well. I've seen many games miss this target. LoZ is one of the most notorious offenders. Lunar TSS started it imho on Sega CD and had awesome characters for its time like (FFIV which had ZERO voice acting) which was all the way back in 1993. I don't see how I can be transported into another world when I'm talking to myself through all the dialogue or are we supposed to make up 10's of different voices ourselves when we read all the dialogue? It's ridiculous imho. NES Zelda with the least amount of dialogue, (and tightest controls) is the best way to tell the story until they get voice actors, and quality one's at that but this is how Nintendo rolls...very slow to change. It's a majora problamo for me as a gamer to have no voice acting in 20XX.