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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, Skyward Sword is the best Zelda since Ocarina of TIme


Skyward Sword is the best since Ocarina of Time

Yes 103 71.03%
Si 39 26.90%

I loved Skyward Sword...was exactly what I always imagined/wanted from a "Wii" Zelda. That being said, Ocarina is still my favorite and Twilight Princess is probably second. Skyward Sword is definitely a solid 3rd in my top 3's just the repeated (and timed) Imprisoned encounters and the "stress" of the Silent Realm that keep it from being perfect in my eyes and keep me from replaying it endlessly. OoT and TP are both "pure" games to me that don't have any parts that I "dread" getting I can replay either of them over and over. Skyward Sword is flawless through the first 3 dungeons...and I actually LOVE all 7 dungeons...just some of the filler in-between that turns me off. Actually, ALBW is a "pure" game for me too...nothing that I dread, just like OoT and TP, but it's top-down so that keeps it #4 on my list. OoT was my first Zelda so 3D Zelda will always be my preference. Can't WAIT for the Wii U Zelda reveal at E3! Less than 3 months!

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I didn't mind the silent realms; the repeated Imprisoned fights were the game's only major downside in my book. Sure, it had other minor blemishes, like having to re-calibrate and underwhelming visuals even for Wii, but all that faded in the face of its overall greatness in my view.

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lol @ the poll options.

I respect your opinion OP, and I did get enjoyment out of playing SS, but the over-use of unnecessary (and often clumsy/broken) motion controls almost ruined the experience. I still got through it and beat the game, but I'm not sure I'd go through it again anytime within the next several years. I still think Twilight Princess is the best 3D Zelda yet made, personally. Yes, even better than OoT.

At least that's my opinion.

Skyward Sword was hyped to no end. It failed to meet that hype. It was meant to be better than OoT (straight from the developer). It had a beautiful art design, I'll give it that. But it didn't have much else going for it.

Fi held your hand for most of the game. I swear, I cringed every time she said my battery was low. Major downgrade from Midna, who was useful throughout the game and wasn't an annoyance.

The fetch quests. It's something I expect from cheap mobile RPGs or low-budget games, but NOT something I ever expected from Zelda. Mindless and boring.

Backtracking. Revisiting areas got old fast. In past Zelda games there were a multitude of different areas to visit and explore in the overworld, with minimal backtracking. Not the case here.

The overworld, or in this case, the lack of overworld. A few islands in the sky does not constitute an overworld. Seriously, one of the most immersive things in the older games was a dynamic overworld with a day/night cycle. In SS, you can't even leave the sky at night, so you can't explore the so called "overworld" at night. There is no dawn or dusk. No special soundtracks for night themes at each individual locations on the land. Nothing. Laziness or funding, I don't know what it was, but not including it really hurt the game.

The controls. I didn't mind motion that much, but it started to get a little old swinging your hand around for moves, especially when you are in a fight and the controller sees a stab as a slash. Frustrating. And not being able to slash while moving? Instant disappointment.

Soundtrack was pretty good, better than OoT and (maybe) Wind Waker but no where near Twilight Princess.

Overall, it was a good game, like any Zelda game, but in comparison to the older games it lacked immersion and ambition.

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NES Zelda 1 is the best imho.

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I agree.

Nothing to major i had a problem with.

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Pavolink said:
mii-gamer said:
Why all the hate for skyward sword? It was fucking awesome

Best boss battles
Best Dungeons (Pirate Ship, Lanaryu minds)
Awesome villain
Creative puzzles
Awesome music
Best set pieces in any zelda

I don't wanted to say but

Zelda cycle

Oh no! I did!

Yeah, lol.

Pavolink said:

Incredible storytelling, first in the timeline, a real Zelda in danger and a goddess warrior were some of the points that makes Skyward Sword one of the best in the series. In fact, it's the best one since the mythic Ocarina of Time.

Flooded by puzzles in and outside from the traditional dungeons, Skyward Sword defys the conventional puzzles that games like The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess had and feels like a dumbed version from their predecessors.

Despite Majora's Mask almost perfection, Skyward Sword adds a new interesting chapter to the story, unlike the mentioned Majora's Mask which was more like a spin-off.

Controls. Perfect. Use of Motion Plus was justified every time you had to balance on a rope or slash your sword. Graphically it was one of the best on the Wii and artistically a perfect mix from past entries.

A good villian like Ghirahim, a cruel Impa and epic boss fights make this game the best since Ocarina of Time.

1000% agree on everything! my favorite for sure, kinda sad there wont be another motionplus zelda

not for me, easily one of the most boring Zeldas i played.

Yes, the best since Ocarina. I agree that at first it doesn't feel like a Zelda game... but only who stopped playing it after a few hours can say that it will not (in the end) and that it is not great .

I loved absolutely everything about this game. Music, artstyle, gameplay, motion control, the way you can upgrades and much more.

it should have sold 5 mil at least!