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As others have said, very difficult to call.

I think if Sony can deliver the stock maybe another near 2:1... but who knows about the titan fall effect.... I really don't know how to call it. Still be interesting to see people's reactions one way or another.

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Can't wait, curious to see the adjustments.

Fusioncode said:

Their numbers are taken as fact by the big three. That makes them official in my eyes.

OT: I'm expecting the PS4 and XBO to be slightly undertracked, 3DS massively overtracked. WiiU and Vita seem about right. 

I think the point he was making, was that NPD numbers are estimations just like VGChartz.


Tagging. I look forwrd to a thread with 50% less regurgitated GAF posts and gifs.



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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

3DS did sub 100k in january... It's not going to sell 150k month later with pretty niche JRPG.

FF, Bravely Default both overtracked. 3DS overtracked. One spot on. PS4 about spot on. Rest hardly worth mentioning

WebMasterFlex said:
ethomaz said:

I guess I can share this table here too.

  NPD VGC Before Adjs.  VGC After Adjs. NPD VGC Before Adjs. VGC After Adjs.
November 909k 936k 969k 1,138k 1,250k 1,190k
Dezember 908k 975k 973k 863k 889k 890k
January 143k 229k 184k 271k 261k 279k
February ? 145k ? ? 202k ?

Explain me why ajustement aren't the same than an official data like NPD ???

Vgchartz does its own tracking. They dont need to adjust to fit perfectly inline with NPD. NPD's numbers are also guestimates.

So perhaps they have a growing confidence in their own data. They might be increasing their sample size etc.

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The main focus for this one is probably going to be on the new guys again, so just for reference, here's how previous Xbox and PlayStation systems performed in their first February:

PS2: 233k
PS3: 127k
Xbox: 140k
360: 161k