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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will Infamous: Second Son sell?

What do you think it will sell...

A) Global First Week sales

B) Lifetime

Can it pass 3 million?

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I think it will hit 2.5mil

But it will be the biggest selling game in the franchise

OP was tl;dr.

OT - ps4s.

kitler53 said:
OP was tl;dr.

OT - ps4s.

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That is truly difficult to say. On the one hand; there aren't really a lot of good titles to compete for gamers' attention on the PS4 right now but on the other hand; it is a tad foolish to assume that every single PS3 owner who owned and enjoyed the two first ones would suddenly make the 8th gen jump due to this one title, it's a big investment and it is equally unlikely that a game with a fairly peculiar premise will draw in vast amounts of new fans as well.

It's a complete joker from where I'm sitting, could range from 1 million to 3.5 million but I find both equally unlikely and will settle somewhere near the middle for the sake of sheer balance on my own part. I'll guess somewhere between 1.75-2.5 million (I'm leaning more towards slightly shy of 2 million though, we also have to consider that, traditionally, this is not a hugely favorable time of year for game releases), should be possible since there are already five million sellers on the platform and four of them are multiplatform, a good quality exclusive should do quite well.

I expect it to get to +4 million LTD.

Yes it should but not by much.

it will sell pancakes

Will be the best-selling game in the franchise. More than 3 millions seems doable.